Recorded lectures are here to stay.
It's time to take back control of your digital course content.

Jamworks is a simple-to-use lecture capture platform with sophisticated security technology that gives institutions full control over who can access their course content, in what format and for how long.

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Wave goodbye to content leakage

The Jamworks audio and visual watermarks, paired with 24/7 web crawlers, protect your institution’s intellectual property and ensure that your course content does not turn up online anywhere that you don’t want it to.
Say hello to state-of-the-art security

We use high-end encryption alongside the latest key management technology to protect your data, even after you have shared it with your students

Safeguard academic freedom

Continue teaching the subjects and views that are important to your courses, without fear of being targeted by groups outside of the university context.

Ready for remote, in-person and hybrid learning

Our security features work across the learning spectrum to protect your content and intellectual property, no matter the location.
Take back control of your digital content

Let’s face it, students are recording, sharing and interacting with your course content digitally. 

For the first time, Jamworks gives you full control over who can and cannot see your lectures online.

Get set up in seconds, hassle-free

Rest assured, we’re not another conferencing tool! Jamworks sits on top of your current setup. Whether that’s Zoom, Google Hangouts, Canvas, Blackboard or Microsoft Teams, we’ve got you covered.


– IP Protection

– Audio Watermark

– Visual Watermark

– 24/7 Web Crawlers

– File Copyright Metadata

– Transparent & Fully Controlled Session Sharing

– Permission-based sharing

– AES-256 Encryption

– NIST/FIPS 140-2 Compliant Key Management

– Smart Contract Policy Enforcement

Thousands of students around the world ❤️ Jamworks

We built Jamworks to revolutionise the way that students relive their course content. We’re the only student-focussed lecture capture tool and there’s a good chance that lots of your students are already using our educational companion.

Your intellectual property is valuable, why not protect it?

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