Interactive, secure and scalable course content delivery

Jamworks has been built to revolutionise the way that students relive their lecture content, and the chances are that there are already a number of students using Jamworks in your Institution! Why not add control to all of that rich content that is generated in lectures? We’re taking media control to a whole new level!

Use Jamworks with any existing platform:



Microsoft Teams

Google Hangouts



Top Hat

We're not another conferencing tool!

We won’t ask you to change how you deliver your course content, continue running your sessions on Zoom, delivering on YouTube or collaborating on Canvas, but always bring Jamworks along to sit on top of the session. The Jamworks Widget creates the ability for you to playlist your session content, if any participant was unable to join then they’ll receive the session in a super-smart playlist of clips that you built during the lecture.

Jamworks Live Session

Use Jamworks to invite your students to your lecture, as they join all content that the student chooses to clip and segment on their device is under your control. Session content is shared with the students with permissions that you set to enable you to choose how long they can access the content for, waving goodbye to content leakage.


Noticing students are actively tracking more than others? Want to know what the most popular segment of the lecture is? In using Jamworks, you have visibility into how and when your students are tracking clips, allowing you to step in on those inactive students that may need educational support.


Ever noticed that your content has ended up on YouTube? Wondering how you can ensure that only your students see your content? The Jamworks audio watermark (coming soon) ensures that only you have full control over your content, the Jam detectives work day and night to scour the web ensuring that your content is safe and sound, right where it should be.

Virtual Appliance

The Jamworks Virtual Appliance takes security to a whole new level, with the latest in key management, encryption and security policy management – you can be certain that your data is safe, day and night.

Policy Management – Jamworks adds secure sharing policies to your data, enforcing your choice of security, who can access what, where and for how long, using Smart Contract Policy Enforcement.

Key Management – NIST/FIPS 140-2 Compliant

Encryption – All data stored in Jamworks is encrypted using AES-256 Encryption at rest and in motion. 

Jamworks is, and always will be free for students. Take control of your data with a University-wide license today.