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Smart lecture capture for students. Jamworks records video, transcribes audio and takes notes at the touch of a button.

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Put the notepad down, throw away your sticky notes and say hello to your new favourite study app.

Lecture Capture

Your lecture videos, when you need them

Jamworks records your lectures and makes the videos available instantly. No more waiting around for your uni to upload a video.


Never worry about taking notes again

Accurate audio transcription at the touch of a button lets you focus on the lecture rather than waste energy trying to note down every…single…syllable.

Blended Learning

The tool for every occasion

The Jamworks app is perfect for in-person lectures, while the desktop widget handles online sessions. No matter how you study, we’ve got you covered.


Take the stress out of studying

Turn all the important bits of a one-hour lecture into a 10-minute playlist that makes revision a breeze. Everything that you need to know and nothing that you don’t.

Study Life Balance

Time for the things you love

Jamworks helps you study more efficiently, giving you time for the things that add richness to your life: socialising, hobbies, sports, yoga – you name it!


Smash your career goals

A happy student is a productive student. Live your best student life, get the grades you deserve and start looking to the future.

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Jamworks makes your life easier

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Frequently asked questions

How much does Jamworks cost?

Jamworks is free for students. But to unlock the full potential of the platform, you will need a campus wide license. Learn more about our pricing structure here.

Can I share my lecture videos with classmates?

Yes! Jamworks makes it easier than ever before for students to collaborate on course content. You can easily share lecture videos, playlists, clips and notes with classmates. It’s a great way to help a friend get up to speed if they miss a session.

Lots of students are already using Jamworks at my university, why should I pay for the license?

There are many advantages of a campus wide Jamworks license, but it really all boils down to three things: student experience, analytics and security.

Can I add my own notes to my lecture videos?

Yes! Although Jamworks was made to liberate you from note-taking, we know that it can be useful to add context with personal notes from time-to-time.

How does the Jamworks license improve the student experience?

Without the Jamworks license, students use their phones to record the ambient audio in a lecture room. While this is still very useful, the audio quality can vary and the student does not have the ability to record visual content, like slides or diagrams.

With the Jamworks license, students simply scan a QR code at the start of a lecture to start recording audio directly from the lecturer’s microphone and visual content directly from the lecturer’s presentation screen. This is a much better experience for the student.

Is Jamworks built for accessibility?

Yes! Jamworks has a number of features designed with accessibility in mind, such as: transcription, captioning and custom playback speeds. You can learn more about Jamworks accessibility options here.

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