Getting started with in-person lectures

All of your lectures are synchronized with Canvas, so you’ll receive a notification within the Jamworks application every time you have a class.

Simply click Join Session on the home screen and you’ll be connected to your lecturer’s slides to record.

Connect (University Supported)

Launch and go

Launch the Jamworks application and ask your lecturer to display the Jamworks QR code on their screen (if they use Jamworks). All you need to do is click the QR code icon on the top right of your screen on the mobile application and scan the QR code that your lecturer is displaying to start tracking your lecture and capturing the presentation.

Quick Start

Launch and go

Simply click Quick Start at the bottom of the home screen and you’ll be able to record and clip the audio from your lecture.

Lecture capture in the palm of your hand


Use the Highlight button (middle) to capture important moments from your lecture. Tap the button to start, keep it running for as long as that topic is being discussed and press the button again when you want to finish your clip.

Point of Interest

Use the Point of Interest (right-hand side) to capture a 10-second snippet instantly. Useful for key points that you want to come back to later, or to capture individual slides.


Often, you don’t know that something is important until your instructor is half-way through explaining it. Use the trackback button (left-hand side) to jump back in 15-second increments to start recording from when that important topic started. We’ve got your back.