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Study more productively with Jamworks

  • Record lectures and seminars.
  • Highlight important sections by simply selecting a button.
  • Turn spoken words into text notes.
  • Enhance your notes with AI summarisation.
  • Recap entire lecture recordings, or review a playlist of highlighted sections.
  • Revise from interactive flashcards that are generated automatically from your lecture highlights.

Flag words or phrases you don’t understand

Simply press a button to highlight and transcribe what your lecturer says, making it easy to review difficult words and phrases after the lecture.

Boost comprehension with text captions

Follow the words on screen as you listen back to your lectures & seminars to help boost your comprehension of important topics.

Take the stress out of studying

There’s a lot of pressure on international students to do well, choosing the right study tools to boost your productivity can make a big difference to your study-life balance.

Jamworks is your all in one student toolkit

Highlight what’s important to you

Record your lectures and create a playlist of highlight clips to help you save time and study more efficiently.

Take better notes, with less effort

Use Jamworks to automatically summarise important parts of your lectures and seminars into bite-sized study notes.

Test yourself with AI flashcard quizzes

Build better knowledge and retain it for longer with intelligently generated quizzes from your lectures that provide motivation and structure to your revision.


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