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Whether you spend your day in endless back-to-back meetings, or in University lectures, the Jamworks Platform is built to ensure you can relive all your interactions in a completely new and dynamic way.

Not another conferencing tool...

Jamworks sits on top of any platform, so using Zoom? We’ve got you covered, want to integrate to Canvas? Yeah, we’ve got that too.



Microsoft Teams

Google Hangouts



Top Hat

For the student

The way we study has changed, forever. Jamworks helps you clip the essential, build your playlists, recall the forgotten and get back to that one key moment that makes revision a breeze – with transcribed audio, segmented clips, any screen content from presentations or slides and additional notes. 

If you can hear it or see it, jam on it.

Thousands of students around the world love Jamworks

Our Users

Start jamming

Jamworks is for everyone, for life. Join thousands of other users who save hours of precious time to focus on what is really important – whether remote or in-person. Be part of the growing community that can collaborate and communicate their interactions like never before. Or even just use Jamworks to capture something cool that you’d like to share!

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Sit back and jam

Set up Jamworks to enhance existing tools that you already use to interact and collaborate. 

Once you start tracking, Jamworks’ features will help you relive the content that matters most.


Your Console. This is where all the magic happens. One intuitive dashboard to securely manage, store, read, edit, find and watch all of your recordings in one place. View your transcribed clips, find points of interest, review documents, read messages and uploaded hand-written notes and share with your friends and colleagues.

Jamworks widget

The Jamworks Widget is the most innovative meeting content tracker giving you the flexibility to choose what you want to clip. Did you hear something worth remembering? Press the big Track button. Found a key point that you will definitely want to come back to later? Click the POI button. Didn’t pay attention and miss something? Press the Trackback button to activate realtime rewind.

The Jamworks app

Take everything from the widget above and place it in the comfort of your hand for remote control and in-person interactions. Never miss a syllable with our iOS and Android applications.

It's Free!

Jamworks is, and always will be free for individuals. All we ask is that you spread the word as much as possible with friends and colleagues. Capture and share your content and give us feedback whenever you can!