5 Books all university students should read in 2022 

Books are an excellent way to not only brush up on your reading skills and lean some new vocabulary, but they are also a great way to learn lots of new things you can’t learn from university. Books can give you all the information you need in for success in life you just need to find the right books to read! So here are my top 5 books that all students should read at least once: 


If I could tell you just One Thing 

This book offers you the very best advice from very successful people. The book is written by Richard Reed who collected this advice through his life. The advice ranges from politics to film. 

Richard has collected pearls of wisdom from some of the most remarkable, inspiring and game-changing people in the world – in business, tech, philanthropy, politics, sport, art, spirituality, medicine, film, and design. From Hollywood greats like Judi Dench and Richard Curtis, to entrepreneurial legends like Richard Branson and Simon Cowell; from sports stars and TV personalities like Andy Murray and James Cordon to political activists and born survivors like Mandela’s Comrades and Katie Piper, Richard has picked some of the world’s most interesting brains to give you a lesson in how to live, how to love, how to create and how to succeed.” – From the back of the book. 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change 

This book is written by Steven R. Covey and was first published over 30 years ago. This book is said to be very inspiring, and the idea is that by the end of the book your views and opinion on the world and how people live will change.  

Efficiency and being effective is what a lot of university students struggle with. Coming to university and living on your own means you have to manage your own time and balance your personal life with your studies/ and or your part-time job. Which can all be very difficult when you first have to deal with these personal problems.  

By reading this book you will be able to learn how to make small changes to balance your personal and professional parts of your life. This will inevitably lead to success! 

Where will you be five years form today? 

This is often a question that gets asked in interviews when students are looking for placements or grad jobs. It is also the title of a book written by Dan Zadra which is a great read for students. As a student, the next 5 years of your life are very important and lots of important decisions will have to be made. You will most likely graduate from your course and start your career. You may even start moving out of your childhood home, your may start getting promotions at work, anything could happen in the next 5 years. 

This book aims to inspire you and guide you through the next 5 years of your life. Dan has written may other inspiring book such as: How many days of the week can be extraordinary, and how many people does it take to make a difference. Both of which are brilliant books.  

Thinking for Success: A Handbook for Students, Parents, Teachers 

Thinking for Success is my fourth recommendation, a book written by John Eby. This book addresses the most important tools for success including motivation, goal setting and self-discipline. Eby talks through how to use and develop these skills. 

Success comes from hard work and that hard work is what stops people from being successful. A lot of students struggle with the motivation side of things, so this book is great for learning how to deal with this and improve on it.  

As mentioned in the title, this book is suitable for pretty much anyone! 

The 9 steps to Financial Freedom: Practical and Spiritual Steps So you can stop worrying 

This book is written by Suze Orman who is a financial expert. This book is all about challenging your financial fears. 

Money is something that students struggle with. They struggle with budgeting and impulse buying. Throughout university many students are lucky enough to not need a job to find their student and therefore they are not earning any income. When your money is not earning, it makes it easier to use it up and not save it. 

This book teaches students about financial freedom and how to be finically successful. The book is laid out in 9 steps, so it is simple to follow and understand each part. 

Final Thoughts 

All 5 of these books are excellent reads and will make you totally change the way you do things. They are all aimed to inspire you to achieve great success whether this be financially, academically or care-wise.  

Students often struggle with motivation and inspiration. A lot of students also stopped reading books a long time ago, so this is a perfect opportunity to get back into reading and learn something new in your spare time.  


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