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Surprise, delight & support every student with a perfect set of notes, interactive flashcards & personalised tuition from every class.

Jamworks turns your classes into interactive, multimedia & accessible study materials.

What does Jamworks do?

How does it improve learning outcomes?


Records entire lectures, seminars & study meetings

Reduces stress and anxiety related to keeping up with the information being delivered. Teachers can edit and share recordings before or after class.


Takes perfect notes automatically

Enables students to focus and ‘be present’ in the moment – safe in the knowledge that they will get a perfect set of notes afterwards.


Breaks classes down into useful chapters 

Allows students to quickly find the most important sections to review as video clips, audio snippets or text notes.


Generates AI summary notes

Makes complicated information more manageable to aid comprehension and revision.


Generates AI flashcard quizzes

Gives structure and motivation for students to revise and test their knowledge on important topics. Teachers can upload any audio or video to generate interactive study materials.


Provides personalised AI tuition

Surprise and delight your students with personalised AI chatbots trained on every class. A safe way for students to ask questions, explore interests and interact with an AI that can only respond to subjects covered in class.

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Jamworks Captions has all the features of Jamworks Notes PLUS live captioning
Live captions enable deaf and hard of hearing students to interpret the spoken word in lectures, seminars and study meetings.


92% of students and 77% of parents are interested in AI education tools that help them learn.

– Common Sense survey May, 2023

Embrace the future of education with an AI tool built to improve learning outcomes

Used responsibly, AI has the potential to revolutionise education. It can help level the playing field for students with specific learning difficulties, it can prepare students for a world of digital innovation and it can provide personalised tuition that is focused, fun and factual. 

Jamworks’ AI safety features:

  • Structured use of AI optimised for education.
  • Chatbots trained exclusively on class content.
  • Formatted so there is no way to cheat, plagiarise or generate assignments.

Useful for all, essential for some

Jamworks can help each and every student take better notes, build better knowledge and get better grades. It is especially helpful for:

  • Dyslexic students
  • Students with ADD/ADHD
  • Students who experience stress & anxiety
  • Students with a physical disability
  • Deaf & hard of hearing students (Jamworks Captions)

“Jamworks saved my degree! I feel lucky to be a student at a time when technology like Jamworks is making study more accessible for me.”

Megan, University of Winchester


Jamworks Notes

Supports students with a wide range of disabilities and specific learning difficulties

  • Records lectures
  • AI note taking
  • Summarises key information
  • Generates flashcards to aid revision
  • Personalised AI chat bots

Jamworks Captions

Supports hard of hearing or deaf students

  • Everything in Jamworks Notes
  • PLUS live captioning




“AI is a game changer for education. When it comes to note taking and revision, Jamworks is the app to go for.”

– Megan, University of Winchester

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