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Jamworks is the only lecture capture platform built to serve the needs of your students. It’s time to drive engagement, boost productivity and watch attainment soar.

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“Jamworks made my life so much easier. It allowed me to record my lectures and seminars, it took notes for me and it proved a great tool to help me revise.”

Amber, Nottingham Trent University

Lecture Capture

Give your students the tools they need to thrive

Jamworks records video, transcribes audio and allows students to highlight the most important parts of a lecture at the click of a button.

Student Engagement

Engagement, like you’ve only dreamed of

Our automatic transcription tool liberates students from constant note-taking and allows them to fully focus on the lecture that you spent so much time preparing.


Smash your academic goals

Recent surveys show that students value digital learning tools highly, with lecture capture seen as the most useful resource. Give your students what they want, watch grades soar and reap the rewards come July.

Blended Learning

The tool for every occasion

The Jamworks app is perfect for in-person lectures, while the desktop widget handles online sessions. No matter how you study, we’ve got you covered.


Accurate, affordable and dazzlingly fast transcription

Jamworks offers best-in-class transcription accuracy of 95%, with no external integrations or usage caps. Transcriptions and captions are made available instantly after each session.


Understand your students

Powerful analytics help you keep track of who is attending the most sessions and who may need a little educational support. You’ll even be able to identify the most popular parts of a lecture to help inform future lesson plans.


Seamlessly integrates with your existing ecosystem

Keep doing what you’re doing. Jamworks sits on top of your current setup. Whether that’s Zoom, Google Hangouts, Blackboard, Canvas or Microsoft Teams, we’ve got you covered.


Take back control of your course content

Wave goodbye to content leakage. The Jamworks audio and visual watermarks, paired with 24/7 web crawlers protect your institution’s intellectual property and ensure your course content does not turn up online anywhere that you don’t want it to.


The power of hardware, the simplicity of software

Get set up in seconds, hassle free. Jamworks is software based, easily deployable and requires no investment in physical infrastructure.

Jamworks increases student engagement, productivity and attainment.

But don’t just take our word for it...

Frequently asked questions

How much does Jamworks cost?

Jamworks is free for students. But to unlock the full potential of the platform, you will need a campus wide license. Learn more about our pricing structure here.

What analytics does the Jamworks license grant me?

The Jamworks license includes access to a powerful suite of analytics. Capabilities include tracking how much each student is engaging with your course content and, for the first time, identifying which sections they are engaging with the most.

Is Jamworks built for accessibility?

Yes! Jamworks has a number of features designed with accessibility in mind, such as: transcription, captioning and custom playback speeds. You can learn more about Jamworks accessibility options here.

Lots of students are already using Jamworks at my university, why should I pay for the license?

There are many advantages of a campus wide Jamworks license, but it really all boils down to three things: student experience, analytics and security.

How does the Jamworks license improve security?

The Jamworks license includes a range of sophisticated security measures, such as audio and visual watermarks, 24/7 web crawlers, bank-grade encryption and the latest key management technology. Jamworks protects your course content, data and intellectual property, even after you have shared it with your students.

How does the Jamworks license improve the student experience?

Without a Jamworks license, students use their phones to record the ambient audio in a lecture room. While this is still very useful, the audio quality can vary and the student does not have the ability to record visual content, like slides or diagrams.

With a Jamworks license, students connect directly to the lecturer’s microphone and presentation screen to record audio and visual course content. This is a much better experience for the student.

Additionally, a Jamworks license provides access to our supercharged transcription engine, which learns from transcription edits and constantly improves over time. The student experience also benefits from other features, such as document sharing and the ability to access lecture videos if they miss a session.

Jamworks instantly improved my student experience. I started studying more efficiently, which gave me a lot more time to do the things I love, such as socialising.”

Lewis, Oxford Brookes University

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