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Jamworks for Accessibility

Built for accessibility and inclusivity.
Helping each and every student feel that they belong.

Jamworks is equipped with the latest assistive tech to support disabled students with their studies.

Fast transcription

When it comes to transcription the two most important things are speed and accuracy. Our tool provides transcriptions the moment a lecture ends, empowering students to get to work straight away if they wish. This is especially helpful for deaf students or those with hearing impairments.

Accurate transcription

Jamworks provides best-in-class transcription with up to 95% accuracy. And what’s more, our unique transcription engine is constantly evolving, learning new course-specific words and phrases with every use.

Captioning for accessibility

Spoken audio is displayed as text overlaid on top of lecture videos. Also known as subtitles, these captions are vital for deaf  and hard of hearing students.

Playback speed

Jamworks gives students the ability to adjust the playback speed of lecture videos to their liking (0.5x, 0.75x, 1.25x and 1.5x). Deaf students and those who struggle with reading may appreciate the option of slowing down the captioning, and students with hearing impairments may value the ability to listen at slower speeds. While blind students and those with visual impairments are often used to listening to digital audio at faster speeds (for example with screen readers).

Dark mode

Dark mode involves inverting the colour scheme. Many students with visual impairments find that white text is easier to read on a black screen. This accessibility feature is also shown to reduce eye strain while reading in the dark or at night.

Coloured backgrounds

The ability to choose from different coloured backgrounds and different coloured text can help some students focus, especially those with conditions such as dyslexia or visual stress.

Enlarged text for accessibility

Larger text can provide readability benefits to students with dyslexia and those with visual impairments.

Screen reader compatible

Deaf, blind and visually impaired students use screen readers to convert text, images and context-dependent icons into audio or braille. Our website works with popular screen readers such as JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver and TalkBack.

Keyboard navigation

AI-powered software ensures that all elements of our website are navigable by keyboard. This is important for students who cannot use a mouse due to motor impairments.

Fully customisable

Students can choose from pre-built profiles that are optimised for specific disabilities, or select individual items for a customised experience.

Built for accessibility – Jamworks empowers students with special educational needs and disabilities to flourish and thrive.

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