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A professional note taker, multilingual study buddy & personal tutor in your pocket.

Jamworks writes your notes & answers questions about your lectures in any language.

What does Jamworks do?

Helps you get better grades.


Records entire lectures, seminars & study meetings

Lecturers speak fast. Jamworks reduces stress and anxiety related to keeping up with everything they say. Sync with Panopto if your uni has it.

A screenshot of the Jamworks app with two illustrated female students doing the high five gesture
Screenshot of Jamworks' Key Points notes written by AI


Takes perfect notes automatically

Focus and ‘be present’ in the moment – safe in the knowledge that you’ll get a perfect set of notes afterwards.


Breaks classes down into useful chapters 

Quickly find the most important sections to review as video clips, audio highlights or text notes.

A screenshot of Jamworks' automatic chapters, known as highlights
A banner reads: Jamworks for STEM students. The screenshot of the Jamworks app shows some mathematical formulas.


Handles complex maths equations

Jamworks understands even the most complicated equations and formulae and includes them in your notes. Perfect for STEM students.


Generates AI flashcard quizzes

Test your knowledge with relevant flashcards about your lecture topics.

Jamworks AI Tutor


Provides multilingual AI tuition

Ask questions about your lectures + lecture slides and get personalised answers in your native language.

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Jamworks supports multiple languages

You can ask questions about your lectures + lecture slides with JamAI in almost any language on the planet.

Classes not in English? Jamworks supports transcription and note taking in over 26 languages.

A screenshot of Jamworks in another language, potentially Korean!

Jamworks is the perfect study tool for:

  • International students
  • Neurodivergent students
  • STEM students

Professional note taker

Tired of messy, fractured & unfinished notes?

Jamworks is your professional-grade note taker. Study with confidence from incredibly detailed and well organised notes on any subject.

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Multilingual study buddy

Ever leave lectures feeling like something important was lost in translation?

JamAI is your multilingual study buddy. Simply ask questions in your native language to get clear and concise explanations of what was said.

Personal tutor in your pocket

Are you a neurodivergent thinker?

JamAI is your 24/7 personal tutor. An expert in every subject, it helps you understand everything from your lectures by explaining relevant topics in a style that works for you.

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“Jamworks saved my degree! I feel lucky to be a student at a time when technology like Jamworks is making study more accessible for me.”

Megan, University of Winchester

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Jamworks Pro

The world’s most powerful AI note taking & study tool

  • Records lectures
  • Produces professional-grade AI notes
  • Translates notes into any language
  • Handles complex maths equations
  • Generates flashcards
  • Answers questions about lectures + slides
  • Provides personalised AI tuition
  • Syncs with Panopto.


Free for 14 days… then £14.99 per month

"Jamworks made everything 100000x better. I understand classes and get through assignments so much easier."

– Emily Irwin, Student at University of Denver

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