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Unlock your potential with assisted note taking and AI generated quizzes

Overcome barriers with live captioning. Banish information overload with assisted note taking. Boost comprehension with AI generated revision quizzes.

“I feel lucky to be a student at a time when technology like Jamworks is making study more accessible for me.”

Megan, University of Winchester

Jamworks helps you take better notes, build better knowledge & get better grades.

Live Captioning

Overcome barriers with live captioning

Turn spoken word into text in real time, in any setting. Being able to follow the words on a screen as they’re spoken makes it easier to access and absorb information during lectures, seminars, study meetings and when you need to do your own research.

Assisted Note Taking

Banish information overload with assisted note taking

Make complicated information more manageable with smart note summaries. Highlight what’s important and Jamworks will intelligently summarise what was said into bite-sized study notes.

Revision Quizzes

Boost comprehension with AI generated quizzes

Test yourself with automatically generated revision quizzes. Jamworks converts your smart note summaries into a series of questions to help structure your revision. Each question is linked to the appropriate section of the recording, making it super simple to refresh your memory on important topics.

Revision Quizzes

Personalise your productivity

Study more productively with Jamworks on your mobile, laptop or tablet. Information is synced across devices for all in-person and online study sessions.




Lecture Recording

Your lecture recordings, when you need them

Use Jamworks to record your lectures, seminars and study meetings and you’ll be able to access them whenever you want. Study on your own terms – no more waiting around for your institution to upload.


Less pressure to keep up

To help you avoid feeling overwhelmed in class, Jamworks provides full text transcripts of the entire session. Beat information-FOMO, boost your ability to focus and be more present in the moment. You no longer need to worry about noting down every…single…syllable.

Clip-Based Highlighting

An easier way to take notes

Highlight important snippets of information to create bite-sized revision clips. Simply press the Highlight button when you hear something important to save a short recording, along with a text transcript of what was said. Add your own notes during a live session and go back later to add further context or anything that you missed.


Support if you lose concentration

Don’t worry if you zone out or miss something during a lecture or seminar, simply select the Trackback button to jump back in 15-second increments to start highlighting from the point where you lost concentration.

Blended Learning

Structure your revision more effectively

Find all your study materials linked together in your Sessions tab
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Customise your learning experience

Choose from pre-set accessibility profiles, such as: Seizure safe, Vision impaired, ADHD friendly & Cognitive disability or select from dozens of custom adjustments to make the most of Jamworks – no matter your ability, disability or specific learning difficulty.

Study Life Balance

Time for the things you love

Study more productively and confidently with Jamworks, so that you have more time and a better head space to do the things you love outside of your studies.
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Unlock your potential

The right support could help you achieve your personal learning goals. Let Jamworks unlock your potential.

Jamworks makes your life easier

But don’t just take our word for it

Select the plan that’s right for you



  • 5 hours of recording per month
  • Create lecture highlights
  • Take powerful notes
  • Attach lecture PDFs and Images
  • Review transcripts and captions




  • 15 hours of recording per month
  • Create lecture highlights
  • Take powerful notes
  • Attach lecture PDFs and Images
  • Review transcripts and captions
  • Auto-summarise lectures




  • 40 hours of recording per month
  • Create lecture highlights
  • Take powerful notes
  • Attach lecture PDFs and Images
  • Review transcripts and captions
  • Auto-summarise lectures
  • Revise with auto-generated quizzes

Frequently asked questions

How accurate are the live captions provided by Jamworks?

The live captions and transcripts provided by Jamworks have best-in-class accuracy of 95%. And what’s more, our unique transcription engine is constantly evolving – it actually learns new course-specific words and phrases with every use.

Can I share my lecture videos with classmates?

Yes! Jamworks makes it easier than ever before for students to collaborate on course content. You can easily share lecture videos, playlists, clips and notes with classmates. It’s a great way to help a friend get up to speed if they miss a session.

Can I add my own notes to my lecture videos?

Yes! The Jamworks note taker lets you type notes on your phone, laptop or tablet during and after a session. To help structure your revision materials, you have the option of linking your notes to the whole recording or to a specific section that you highlighted as important.

Can I use Jamworks as part of my DSA bundle?

Yes! Jamworks has been approved by DSA and can be made available by your Needs Assessor.

Is Jamworks easy to use?

Yes! You can record lectures and take notes at the touch of a button. Read our Getting Started Guide for more info.

Can I upload other documents to my lecture videos?

Yes! You can upload supporting documents like slideshows, PDFs and images to add further context to your lecture videos and notes.

You deserve to live your best student life!

Unlock your potential with Jamworks.

“Jamworks instantly improved my student experience. I started studying more efficiently, which gave me a lot more time to do the things I love, such as socialising.”
- Lewis, Oxford Brookes.

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