A guide to student part-time jobs: The best, the worst and how to find them

So, you have come to university, you’re living in a new city, and you need a job to help pay your rent. Well don’t worry!  I have all the information you need right here along with some extra tips that will help! Being a student means you get the opportunity to try out some different jobs. Lots of businesses are looking for students to take on part-time so the jobs are there you just need to find them. 

Types of jobs: 

There are many different types of jobs that are available to you as a student so you can take your pick! 

University jobs 

Your university will be offering lots of jobs to its students. These jobs will be for a range of different things. There will be the typical catering and hospitality jobs. Along with jobs to work in your student union behind the bar.  

But there will also be some one-off jobs that you can pick up. These jobs may include things like working on the university open days or running campus tours for visitors. There will be jobs to work at the individual events that the university runs which could include things like waiting on tables and serving dinners, etc.  

There may be jobs specific to your degree, such as photographers for university events, or they might be looking for a student from the business school to help with the admin team or the finance team.  

These jobs will usually be advertised somewhere on the university website. A good idea is to sign up to an email list where they email you any upcoming jobs. Go and speak to your employability or job team to see what they can do for you. 


Retail jobs 

There will be jobs available to work in supermarkets or on the high street in clothes shops, etc. These jobs usually have flexible hours meaning you can fit it around your student timetable. The best place to find these jobs is to look on their website.  

Another idea is to go for a walk round the town or area you like to work in and see if any of them have any signs up asking for more staff. You could even walk right in and ask for more information there and then.  

Nightlife jobs 

If you are not a morning person and uni has messed up your sleeping pattern, then working a night time job might be your best shout. Of course, this type of job is not for everyone and for some could be their worst nightmare!  

But if working in a nightclub seems up your street then the best way to get a job there is to find their website and see if they have a contact page. Just pop them over an email to see if they are needing anymore workers. I have fund that nightclubs are always looking for staff. 

The only thing with this job is to make sure your studying comes first. If you are meant to have a 9am on Thursday morning, then it is probably not the best idea to accept work on the Wednesday night. 

Student ambassador jobs 

If you need a bit of money but do not want to have a part-time job working 8 hours a week, then try looking for any student ambassador jobs. These jobs usually require you to try and get as many sign ups/ purchases as possible by using your connections at university. These brands are trying to target students which is why you are the ideal person for the job. 

It usually requires you to work on a few tasks throughout the week and it may only be for a short period. Some schemes run for a month, and some may run for a year so you can find one that suits you.  

They may even require you to use your social media accounts to try and spread awareness of the brand. So, if you are into your social media then this could be the ideal job for you. 

Hospitality jobs 

There will be many hospitality jobs available for students around your new town or city. Again, this type of job is like retail jobs. You may be able to find jobs available through searching online or from signs in the stores. 

Telesales jobs 

I have known telesales jobs as the most boring job out of all that is available to students. So, it depends if you feel like you are up for this job or whether you would want to try something more interactive.  

Paid Internships 

This option may be a little harder to get but it is worth looking into. If you are wanting a summer job then you have all the options above, but you also have the option of a summer internship in your preferred industry that you would like to carry on into the future. Some internships are paid, and some are unpaid, so it is down to you to research what’s available. 

Internships can be competitive, but they are well worth it for all the benefits they bring. If the company really like you there’s the opportunity for them to offer you a job after you graduate.  

 Tutoring jobs

Now you have taken all of your school exams you should be a pro! Many children are wanting tutors to give them that little bit of extra help so they can make it through their GCSEs and their A Levels. If your degree specialises in Biology then you may be just the right person to tutor an A Level Biology student. As a tutor you can make £25 a hour and sometimes even more. What makes this job even better is that it can be done virtually. Since COVID, more and more students are looking for tutors as they have fallen a little bit behind so the demand is there!

There are many tutoring websites that you can sign up to to get you started. Alternatively, you can reach out to your old schools or sixth form and offer your services.

How to find these jobs: 

There are different ways you can find these jobs. You may be lucky and know of someone who can get you the job so by all means if you have this option available to you then take it! 

University websites 

A good place to start id your university website. They will usually show you the student jobs available at university, but also the jobs available outside of your university, in your city.  


You can google jobs and see what you find. Try using Indeed or Seed Marketing. They usually offer student ambassador jobs.  

In person 

As mentioned earlier, if you’re walking through town, you might see some signs in windows of places you like to work so you can pop in and ask some questions and go from there.  


Top tips: 

When securing a part-time job, you will want to think about a few things: 

Make it fit around your timetable 

Your studies should take priority so make sure you are not missing any lectures or seminars because you must work. If you feel like you need to work to male the money and this means missing seminars, then speak to your student services to see if they can help.  

Sort holidays 

If you are only going to be in your new city in term time then make sure you let your employer know in advance that you will be going home for Christmas and easter, etc. If you tend to go home at the weekends, then this may also need to be spoken about as hopefully then can offer you a job that is during the week around your university timetable.  


Final thoughts 

There are so many jobs available to students you just must look for them. I have known a few people who have searched for a job before they even came to university so that they had something ready for when they arrived. So, if you are prepared then this might be a good idea! 

If you are struggling with balancing your job and your studies then as mentioned earlier, go and speak to your student services who will be more than willing to help you out.  

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