Why a Jamworks Pro account is an investment you need to make as a student

Student life is expensive, there’s no denying it, but what exactly are we choosing to spend our money on, and could we be opting for better investments? When we think about what students spend their money on, the typical things such as rent, tuition, bills, food and transport come to mind. These are then usually followed by essential study resources such as textbooks and stationery – revision tools we have been investing in since primary school. However so much of the way we approach study has changed since then, and with more of university life adapting to the ways of the online world, it’s about time that we as students started investing in study resources to help build better grades and improve revision. Many students are living on the bare minimum, so spending money on a study subscription such as the Jamworks Pro account can seem unaffordable for some, but let’s have a look at money saving tips for students to include a Jamworks Pro account in their student budget!

a person paying for alcohol via cOver-priced drinks in a club

Unless you’re partying the night away in a Wetherspoons, you’re probably paying extortionate prices for drinks on a night out. A double rum and coke will set you back almost a tenner in most clubs in the UK, and don’t forget the 3 Jager bombs for £15! Money saving tips for students is to skip that last round of drinks or the shots this time around, so you can put that extra cash towards a Jamworks Pro account and invest in your studies!

a yellow taxi sign

A taxi home from a night out

I’m guilty for being that student who leaves in the middle of a night out and gets a taxi home alone. I like my bed, what can I say! But what I failed to realise about this habit of mine is that I was spending a lot of my student budget on taxis home alone, that could otherwise have been split with friends or who I could have even walked back with. If you go out even once a month, a money saving tip for students is to make a plan to walk back to campus at the end of the night as a group and save yourself that money that could be used for better resources.

A Starbucks Study Session

a starbucks cafe
I decided to be adventurous the other day and branch out from the library, so I headed to my local Starbucks for a study session. As I glanced up at the screens I had to do a double take; it was almost £5 for a latte? And that’s before you get started with the extra syrups, cream and additional shots of coffee I need to fuel me through an afternoon of revision. Students are really out here spending their maintenance loan on caramel macchiatos and iced mochas for the aesthetic of a brand but claim they can’t afford to pay for study software. I admit I have been guilty of these habits in the past. In the moment, when you’re stood in a line of people agitatedly waiting for their next caffeine hit and the barista announces the extortionate price of your drink, £5 for some bean water and milk doesn’t seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Especially when there’s no time to argue or change your mind. But when you’re sat looking at an app on your phone that costs £5.99 for a whole month, giving you access to unlimited features and tools to improve your learning, for some reason this just feels different. Here are money saving tips for students: £5 for a cup of coffee is a lot of money for something you can only have once. £5 for a month’s worth of access to Jamworks is not a lot of money to invest in your academic career.

Social subscriptions

Why is it socially acceptable to pay for subscriptions for our leisure time, but not for our studies? When you look at what students are spending their money on, subscriptions come up trumps. You’ve got the majority paying for things such as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime and the rare few who are paying that extortionate fee in the hope of finding love via Tinder Gold. Even apps like Snapchat have recently released a subscription service, and this appears to just be the beginning. We’re paying for iCloud storage, technology insurance, Adobe subscriptions, Canva Pro; all of these subscriptions are expensive, and you should be asking yourself “Is what I am paying for them worth what I get out of it?”

In relation to a Jamworks Pro subscription, I was sceptical at first to sign up to yet another cost that I would forget to cancel after the free trial. I had made it through two years of university with semi-good grades, why did I need to invest in a study app subscription this late in the game? Well, I will tell you why. Firstly, I did not realise how much I had been lacking a focus for my revision until I started using Jamworks. I had folders on my laptop in a variety of places that stored half-started Word documents that were untitled and contained information that was barely even legible. That was what I called notetaking. When it came to sitting down and revising, I was rewatching three-hour lecture recordings, staring aimlessly at PowerPoints with no sense of my knowledge improving whatsoever. At this point in time, my flat mate (who was also attempting to revise with no luck) would look at me as we sat together in the kitchen and suggest we order a McDonalds to feel better. £25 later, we would be full but no better off academically. So how are things different now?
We pay for our monthly Jamworks Pro subscriptions which provide us with a sense of structure to our revision, reduce our stress levels in lectures, easy-to-use revision quizzes and also speed the entire process up. So much so that we actually have time to cook our own meals instead of wasting that money ordering food in between studying and sleeping. It’s a money saving tip for students in itself!

a jar filled with moneyAdditional Money Saving Tips for students

If you can justify spending money on any of the following as a student, then you can justify purchasing a Jamworks Pro study subscription:

  • Takeaway (especially Dominos as it’s so pricey!)
  • Cinema snacks (Tango Ice blasts, I mean come on!)
  • Fancy Dress Costumes for Student Night
  • A phone contract for the latest model
  • More than one media subscription (Who needs Netflix and Disney Plus?)
  • Branded booze
  • Food shopping in Waitrose
  • Fancy coffee
  • Ubers
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Nail appointments
  • Club entry of more than £5

Managing your money as a student can be tough. Everyone is spending their budget on different things, the cost of living is rising and it can be hard to make conscious financial choices 24/7. But one money saving tip for students which you can take away from today is that you do have the control over what you choose to spend your money on. You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds a month at clubs and bars in order to socialise with friends. You don’t have to pay for overpriced coffees and take away if its only providing you with instant gratification. But what you can do is choose to spend your money to improve your knowledge, build better grades and improve your revision levels with a Jamworks Pro subscription.

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