Using echo for online events

Learn, interact and exchange from anywhere in the world. Start building your best relationships.

Bring the greatest tools to your online events platform. Echo can easily sit on top of your platform to create an innovative note-taking and session tracking tool.

Let your event registrants record memorable segments from your hosted event, allow them to come back to foster those relationships they’ve built at an event, allow them to connect better in a time the world has gone virtual.


Your attendees use Echo to remember memorable segments from a conference stage. These segments are tracked and stored as clips.

Private Rooms

Allow your attendees to open private meeting rooms. Echo users never miss a word when it comes to that introduction meeting or discovery.

Hybrid Events

Host a physical event, give your attendees Echo to track their meetings, if you publish your seminars online, all data can be stored in one place.


Allow the saved content to be released for a specific time period. Then add paywalls to grant future access to all meetings and clips.


Bring your own storage, or use the Echo Cloud to securely store your data on our Distributed Cloud Platform.


Gain valuable insights of your event by seeing how many attendees logged in to your conference. Use these analytics to improve your future events.


Echo works on both mobile and desktop. All data is synced cross-device so all of your attendees recorded data is in one place.


Track the engagement of your conference stage. How many people are actively watching and tracking keywords or segments.


Brand and embed into your platform with our premium white-label offering available exclusively to our events partners.



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