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Managing your sales cycle and accurately recording noteworthy facts, figures and stats about your customer enables you to be much more informed when it comes to recommending the perfect product or service.

Use the Echo desktop controller to track your video call. Segment specific clips so you only focus on the important information. Once you’ve finished your call, then send the meeting summary from Echo to your CRM system of choice, here we’re demonstrating our HubSpot integration.


Start your call from the Echo Console and your controller will automatically launch with the meeting.


Using the Echo controller (available on both mobile and desktop), click to track the seconds of content that hold significant value to you.


Your post-meeting panel displays every logged clip from the session. Echo converts the clips into text and allows you to write your own summary notes.


Echo has integrated to almost every CRM system on the market today. Take your notes and log them to your customer record directly from the Echo Console after the meeting to ensure that you and your team are kept up-to-date with your customers success journey.



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