Jamworks vs Glean vs Caption.ED – Compare DSA Note Taking Tools

Accessible note taking solutions can be essential for helping students overcome barriers to learning. In this blog, we’ll be comparing Jamworks vs Glean vs Caption.ED to help you make an informed decision when searching for the most suitable note taking tool. 

All students can benefit from note taking tools that record and transcribe lectures and study sessions. However, for students who qualify for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA), these tools can be essential for effective and independent learning. 


Jamworks vs Glean vs Caption.ED

Best DSA Note Taking Tool – Quick Comparison


Jamworks vs Glean vs Caption.ED note taking feature comparison table. Please enquire if you would like to receive the results in an accessible format.

Jamworks records and transcribes lectures. It uses AI to make the information easier to understand, presenting students with a variety of interactive and accessible study materials, like text notes, audio notes, flashcards and personalised AI tutors. Students also have the ability to add their own notes at the touch of a button and access live captions during recordings.

Glean records and transcribes lectures. It allows students to take audio and text notes by selecting a button or label during class. It also features live captioning.

Caption.ED records and transcribes lectures. It allows students to add timestamped audio and text notes by simply selecting a button during class. It focuses on accessible live captions as its standout feature.



Screenshot of the Jamworks recording page.

Jamworks is an AI-powered note taking tool designed with accessibility in mind. Students can use this powerful tool to capture, summarise, and revise their learning content using the latest AI. As an all-in-one learning tool, Jamworks captures all learning content and generates personalised study materials to aid revision and understanding. 

Jamworks enables students to take their own audio and text notes at the touch of a button. However, many students prefer to immerse themselves in the learning environment, and for these students using a study app during class can be a distraction. Jamworks is the only solution that empowers these students to focus and ‘be present’ in the moment by using AI to automatically highlight the most important information and organise it in a way that is easy to understand.


Key Features of Jamworks 


  • Distraction free notes: For a seamless note taking experience, Jamworks uses AI to organise recordings into key highlights and topics automatically. Students can worry less about organising lengthy transcripts or recordings. 
  • Perfect notes: Jamworks’ Key Points feature provides a comprehensive and well organised set of text notes.
  • Accessible multimedia notes: Students can review each highlight as a subtitled video clip, audio chapter, or word-for-word transcript. Jamworks offers full transcripts with speaker labels, and allows students to upload their own notes, files, and images to each highlight. 
  • AI-powered study materials: Jamworks generates smart bite-sized summaries for each highlight, alongside a list of key points. For revision, students can use AI-generated flashcard quizzes that linked to the related highlight. 
  • Personalised learning: Jamworks takes learning to the next level with JamAI, an intelligent chatbot trained only on the student’s lecture recordings. Students can explore, simplify, and expand upon their learning materials in a safe wall-guarded AI environment. 
  • Inclusive learning: Students can better access their learning materials with live captioning, alongside the core Jamworks features above. Beyond this, Jamworks offers a range of dedicated accessibility customisation options to ensure an inclusive learning experience for all. 


Jamworks caters to variety of students with customisable live captions, screen-reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, and a focused reading mode. This tool also offers a range of accessibility profiles, these include options that are seizure safe, ADHD friendly, enhanced for visual impairments, and designed for those with cognitive disability. These are just a few of the many accessibility and customisable options that Jamworks provides for students. 



Screenshot of a Glean recording

Glean is a dedicated study tool to help students capture and organise their learning content. Students can benefit from live audio to text transcription, alongside quick labelling shortcuts for note taking. This accessible note taking solution can help students build simple study materials and stay on top of study-related tasks. 


Key Features of Glean 


  • Organised recordings: Students can capture audio content from in-person or remote lectures, meetings, and seminars. Using collections, these recordings can be organised into classes and projects. 
  • Quick labels: For easy note taking, students can use one-click labels to mark content that is important or requires review. These labels and any added text notes are timestamped to the generated transcript. 
  • Linked slides: Students can upload their slides and link each slide to the relevant section of their transcript and notes. Alternatively, Glean can record on-screen content during remote sessions. 


Glean offers a simple but effective note taking solution with organisational features. For students who might not want to take text notes, quick labels provide anchor points for later review. Like Caption.ED, students who face a number of barriers when note taking can benefit from Glean’s live transcripts and easy note taking features. Students who struggle with organisation, getting things done, and time management would further benefit from the available features. 



A screenshot of the Caption.ED app.

Caption.ED aims to provide an effortless and accessible note taking experience for all. Students can access real-time live captioning for in-person and online meetings, lectures, or seminars. As a mobile and desktop app, Caption.ED offers a flexible and simple solution to capturing information accurately. 


Key Features of Caption.ED 


  • Capture: Students can record video and audio content from their in-person or online sessions. This tool also supports file uploads for pre-recorded video or audio content. 
  • Annotate: Alongside the generated transcript of live captions, students can add timestamped notes with simple formatting. This can be useful for capturing context during the session, or for reviewing the material later on. 
  • Add: Students have the option to highlight interesting sections of the recording, add images, or slides to their transcripts and text notes. That extra context can help students stay organised and aid their understanding of the learning material. 
  • Download: Once edited, transcripts can be downloaded and utilised as a study resource. Students can print and annotate the transcript with handwritten notes and highlights while revising or reviewing content. 


Caption.ED makes it easy for students to follow along with live captions. Rather than tackling the complex process of note taking, students can prioritise listening and understanding. After a lecture, meeting, or seminar, students are able to revisit and review the content at their own pace. This can reduce stress and anxiety for students who might face difficulties or impairments with their attention, auditory processing, information processing, hearing, handwriting, and more. 


Jamworks vs Glean vs Caption.ED – Accessible Note Taking Comparison: 

Each note taking tools allows students to capture all of their learning content in one space. This can help disabled and neurodivergent students overcome key barriers to effective learning. However, each student is different, and with a wide variety of conditions to consider, some tools might be better suited to some students than others. Let’s explore how Jamworks vs Glean vs Caption.ED compare for different students. 



 AI-powered note taking, accessibility customisations, personalised learning

Screenshot of the JamAI personalised tutor


Jamworks offers a comprehensive and automatic note taking solution for disabled and neurodivergent students. This all-in-one study tools supports disabled students with user-specific profiles, a wide range of customisability features for accessibility, and AI-generated study resources. Beyond note taking, processing lengthy transcripts into effective study revision materials can be a challenge. Jamworks supports students with automated AI highlights, multimedia notes to support all kinds of learners, and dedicated learning tools. Using flashcard quizzes and JamAI, students can start revising and exploring content independently with ease.



Quick and accessible note taking, transcription tools, organised content 

Screenshot of the Glean app

Glean offers audio note taking features for students who might not want to add their own text notes, and supports linked slides to ensure the right context is available.Neurodivergent students who may struggle with staying organised, getting things done, and time management can utilise the task list and timer features.  These features can create a helpful note taking experience and provide anchoring points for review. 



Live captioning, simple timestamped notes, downloadable transcripts

Screenshot of Caption.ED's note taking

Caption.ED can be ideal for students who need a simple tool to capture and transcribe their learning content. Students can add timestamped notes and attach relevant media to keep everything in one place. Live captioning can be essential for Deaf and hard of hearing students, and incredibly helpful for those who have difficulties with auditory processing. Caption.ED, like other note taking solutions, can break down barriers that arise from difficulties with information processing, handwriting, paying attention, and more.



Jamworks is the most powerful DSA note taking solution. It has all the recording, transcription, live captioning and manual timestamped note taking features that Glean and Caption.ED offer.

However, it has many more accessibility customisation options and it provides automatic audio notes, text notes and flashcards so that students can focus in class. It also features a unique approach to personalised learning with specialised AI chat bots that answer questions about each recording.


Jamworks vs Glean vs Caption.ED note taking feature comparison table. Please enquire if you would like to receive the results in an accessible format.

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