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Jamworks DSA Assessor Toolkit

Everything you need to know about recommending Jamworks Notes to DSA students

Jamworks is state of the art assistive technology enabling students to access and absorb information in new and exciting ways. With an attractive and intuitive interface, Jamworks provides a platform to help students enhance their learning, take better notes and revise more confidently.

It empowers students by allowing them to highlight important information by simply selecting a button and uses sophisticated AI to generate summary notes to help them make complicated information more manageable. Automatically generated revision quizzes help structure their revision and provide motivation to study more productively.

“I feel lucky to be a student at a time when technology like Jamworks is making study more accessible for me” 

Megan – Creative Writing Student

“I can pull out everything that I need, have it all in one place… it takes hours off every assignment

Sam – Education Studies student

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Who is Jamworks Notes for?

Jamworks provides support for students who experience difficulties: interpreting the spoken word, taking effective notes in class, staying focussed for long periods of time, conducting additional research, participating in study meetings and structuring their revision processes.

These difficulties can be experienced by students with:

Reading and writing difficulties – students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and other specific learning difficulties.

Mental health conditions – students with anxiety, depression, OCD, stress, ADHD/ADD, working memory difficulty and other mental health conditions.

Motion and dexterity – students who have difficulty with motion and dexterity skills.

How does Jamworks help?

Jamworks has a number of unique features that make education more accessible:

Assisted note taker

Jamworks enables students to type their own study notes, upload photographs of handwritten notes and upload supporting documents during and after the recording of a lecture, seminar or study meeting. Notes can be linked directly to a specific highlight clip or to the entire recording.

The Jamworks assisted note taker helps students with specific learning difficulties and mental health conditions to organise and structure their note-taking. It gives students the flexibility to add notes in their preferred format and the ability to come back and finish notes later, which helps to reduce information overload and feelings of anxiety related to keeping up with note-taking.

Lecture recording*

Jamworks enables students to record their lectures and seminars. Each recording is processed and made available with summaries moments after the session is over.

Lecture recording empowers students to rewatch educational content in their own time with a number of customisable settings that help with accessibility.

*Students who attend institutions that have signed up with Jamworks can record audio and video in lectures, regardless of whether they attend lectures in-person or online. Students who do not attend such institutions, can record audio and video when participating online, and can record audio when participating in-person.

Clip-based highlighting

Jamworks enables students to highlight important sections of a lecture by simply pressing the Highlight button to create bite-sized clips. If a student misses something and would like to start highlighting from where they lost concentration, they can use the Trackback button to jump back in 15-second increments to start their clip from there.

Clip-based highlighting, along with the Trackback feature, helps students with specific learning difficulties, mental health conditions, physical disabilities and hearing impairment focus and participate in class, without feeling anxious or overwhelmed by the need to understand and note down every bit of information that is delivered.

Smart note summaries

Jamworks provides automatic summarisation of each highlight clip that a student makes. It uses smart technology to automatically generate highly relevant summary statements to assist with their note-taking and comprehension of the topic.

Assisted note-taking is a unique feature that helps students with specific learning difficulties and mental health conditions enhance their learning with more effective notes.

Revision Quizzes

Jamworks automatically generates revision quizzes for each lecture recording by converting smart note summaries into a series of questions. Each question is linked to the correct summarised answer as well as the appropriate section of the recording, enabling students to access the information as it was delivered by their instructor.

Revision quizzes are a unique feature that help students with specific learning difficulties and mental health conditions to structure their learning and revise more effectively.


Jamworks has a number of customisation options that achieve and go beyond WCAG AA 2.1 guidelines to make the application more accessible, such as:

  • Custom text size & colour
  • Readable fonts
  • Highlighted titles & links
  • Custom background colours
  • Hide images, mute sounds & stop animations
  • Custom contrast and saturation
  • Custom video playback speed
  • Screen reader compatibility
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Preset profiles: Seizure safe, Vision impaired, ADHD friendly & Cognitive disability

Recommending Jamworks

Download our Justification Document for the full guidelines on how to recommend Jamworks to DSA students with specific additional needs.


Justification tool

Find out if Jamworks is certified by the DSA to help with a specific need.

Justification document

Read the full guidelines for recommending Jamworks to DSA students in a needs assessment report.

Student testimonials

Learn about students with additional needs who are using Jamworks to improve accessibility.

System requirements

Find out what hardware and software is needed to use Jamworks.

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