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Kamna Gupta

Kamna Gupta

DSA Lead

Kamna always struggled to keep up with lectures due to language barriers.  After discovering Jamworks, she resolved to ensure that no student experiences the same struggles she did and made it her mission to bring Jamworks closer to students. Leveraging her marketing acumen, she’s now bridging the gap between disabled students and Jamworks.

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Join us for an exclusive webinar where our DSA lead will walk you through Jamworks, showcasing practical examples of how it can be used to support disabled students in overcoming barriers to learning.


  1. Get a CPD certificate to enhance your professional development upon completion of the webinar.
  2. Receive a license key to unlock access to Jamworks and explore it firsthand.
  3. Access the recording of the training session to review key features at your convenience.

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  • Live Experience: Reserve your spot for the live webinar to actively engage with the training session, ask questions, explore use case examples from the student users and participate in discussions.
  • Webinar Recording: Can’t make it live? No worries! Register to receive the exclusive webinar recording, slides and resources afterwards and access the transformative insights at your convenience. 

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