10 New Year’s study resolutions for successful students

So, 2022 is over… and we move into 2023! This is usually about the time when everyone started coming up with there new years resolutions. What better time than to focus on your studies and to create some study resolutions for the year!

A lot of the time, people fall into the trap of creating these unrealistic goals which are too hard to achieve. This creates a lot of upset when you find you can’t achieve these goals. So, to overcome this issue, try just picking a few out of the 10 resolutions below and focus on these.

1.     Set some goals

Set some monthly study goals. This can include things like a certain amount of study hours to achieve a week. Of course we all know that people tend to give up their new years resolutions about 2 weeks after making them which is why I recommend making monthly targets. This way, if you are struggling with a certain goal, the follow month you focus will be on something new so you can refresh and give this one a go. It would be good practise to try and carry on the goals through the months whilst picking up a new one each month. It is said to take 21 days to make a habit so if you stick with your study resolutions for the month, you should be able to carry it on through the year and make it part of your daily routine.

2.     Plan around your deadlines

Get out a planner of the next year and write down your deadlines or exams. This is your starting point. By doing this you will have a clear timeline in your head. You will be then able to create priorities based on the nearest deadline.

3.     Find a new study location

Mix things up and find some new study locations to see where you work best. Try working in a different space in the university library. Or give working in a coffee shop a go. Try and see if you work better in a different environment – you won’t know till you try it!

4.     Create a study group

Start up a study group to see if this is beneficial to you. Gather a few of your classmates and see if they fancy studying in a group. This way you can learn off each other and bounce ideas round the group. For example, if someone doesn’t understand a topic then you can help them out and explain it. By explaining it, this will help you understand it a lot better yourself! This works both ways as other students can explain things to you that you didn’t understand in class. They may even be able to explain it in a way that your tutor couldn’t.

5.     Try a new study method

Give a new study method a go to see if it could be your new thing. There are multiple study methods that are made to work for different types of people. For example, you might be more of a visual learner and not even know! Try incorporating colours with highlighted notes and mind maps or look into the SS3R method. Give flashcards a go or try working in a group.

6.     Give Jamworks a go

Download Jamworks and start using it to aid your studies. If you are looking to enhance your studies this year and want to up your game then just Jamworks a go. It is a tool you can assess on your laptop or on your phone which helps record your lectures or webinars. The tool allows you to only record the important bits as well as tracking back if you think you missed something important (like going back in time!).

Not only can you record the most important clips of your class, but you can use the transcript however you like. You can highlight it, make smaller notes, or even use Jamworks to create flashcards for you. The flashcards will take you back to the content in the recording if you are unsure of the answer.

Try Jamworks now!

7.     Start a new extracurricular activity

Look into extracurricular activities you can start alongside your studies. This could involve something sports related, or if sprots isn’t your thing then try joining a society. There are so many different types of activities available at university so you will 100% find something that works for you.

Sport related activities are extra helpful when it comes to studying as a bit of exercise will change your mood and put you in a good place ready to study. You can just join the fun sports groups rather than playing for a competitive team if you want to try something you haven’t done before.

Read more to learn the benefits of exercising before you start studying.

2 female students in the gym exercising

8.     Create the perfect study space at home

Sort your desk out and create a clean space where you want to work at. Invest in some handy objects to pop on your desk such at a stationary holder, some new stationary or even some folders to keep your work neat on your desk. Some people even live by motivational quotes so you could grab some posters and pop them around your desk!

9.     Find your top study snacks

Do a little research and find your favourite study snacks that will help you stay focused. There are varies different foods that will helo improvement your brain power and give you that little boost of energy needed.

Find your study snacks!

10. Take lots of breaks and treat yourself!

Actively take breaks during your study periods so that you can stay refreshed and focused. This one should be on everyone’s new years resolutions list as it is extremely important to look after yourself during difficult study periods.

Final Thoughts

Setting a few goals to focus on during the year, or a different goal each month can be a great way to focus on the things that you normally let slip! Make sure to not overload yourself or ask too much of yourself. A tip would be to write down your new years study resolutions and have them somewhere you will see them. This could be at the top of your diary, on a post-it note you stick on your mirror, or even written down in oyur notes on your phone. Just somewhere where you can easily remind yourself!

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