Top 10 discounts and freebies exclusively for students


Becoming a student can come with many pros and cons. One of the biggest advantages is the crazy amount of student discounts you can get! These discounts range from things that you will need for university, to clothes shop to food and travel discounts. You can also get lots of free trials and free products. So, before you purchase anything make sure you check whether you can get a discount on it.


Free Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 education bundle comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and now Microsoft Teams, plus additional classroom tools. All you need to do is enter your student email address and you can download Office 365 for free, as long as you are a student.

This is a must for any course you are on as a student. Whether you have just started sixth form or you’re working towards your PHD, Office 365 is an essential. Your university/ school will usually push for you to access this package as it will make life so much easier!

Download Microsoft 365 here.


Student Beans

Student Beans is such an underrated website that more students need to be using! They offer discounts on food, fashion, tech and mobile, travel, sports, health and beauty, study and so much more. A lot of people do not realise how many discounts are available. If you sign up to the newsletter you will get notifications of any freebies going on that are only available for a limited amount of time so be sure to snap these up.

Some big names include Domino’s, Pretty Little Thing, ASOS, Boohoo, Greggs and Alton Towers.

I would recommend checking out:

  • Student tickets at Alton Towers
  • Free Greggs sausage roll (conditions apply)
  • Free McDonald’s cheeseburger (conditions apply)
  • OYO hotels discounts – this is great if you are wanting to travel on a budget.

Sign up to Student Beans here.


UNIDAYs is very similar to Student Beans and known by a lot of students. Again, you need to sign up with your student email address to get access. There are brands that you can only access on one of these platforms so do make sure you sign up to both UNIDAYs and Student Beans.

The topics included are very similar to Student Beans. Some of the big brands included are money off Rymans, Wilkos, Ikea, Look Fantastic.

Some of the offers I recommend is:

  • Use the Ikea discount to kit out your student room.
  • 40% off Boohoo Man.
  • Get up to 40% off HP.

Remember, a lot of the discounts can change over time. Some are even limited edition so make sure to check the website every now and then in case you miss any good offers. Or alternatively, sign up to the newsletters.

Sign up to UNIDAYS here.

Buy a Mac or iPad for university and get free air pods

This is an offer that changes every few years, but Apple will normally offer a free gift if you’re a student purchasing a Mac or iPad. So, make sure you get that freebie and let them know you are a student if you are going to buy from Apple! I believe this offer also extends to teachers so if you know of any of them let them know.

Apple very rarely offer discounts so when there is a freebie involved you may as well make the most of it!

Get this Apple offer here.

Student Bank Account freebies

For the past few years, when you open a student bank account with certain banks, you get offered a freebie. These freebies over the years have included things like free Amazon Prime, ASOS free premium membership, £80 cash straight into your account, free coach cards (for 30% off travel) or (railcards for 30% off trains). I would recommend getting one of the travel cards if they are available as you can get a free trial of Amazon Prime without signing up to a bank account. If you are living in student accommodation without a car, it might be handy to have cheaper travel available to you to get home cheaper.

If you were not planning on getting a student bank account because you already have a debit card/ credit card, then I would still recommend getting one because they come with the freebie. It also means you can separate your students spending and your normal spending.

I believe it is Santander that offers the best deals currently, but I would recommend doing further research into this.

Amazon Prime

Amazon offers a free 6-month trial for students wanting to use Amazon Prime. So, you will get all the perks of a membership for 6 months. After the trial, as a student you will get it for cheaper at the price of £3.99 which is half the price of a normal membership. With an Amazon Prime membership you get so many perks including free-same day shipping on selected items, prime exclusive discounts, Prime video, Amazon Music Prime, early access to download books on Kindle and so much more.

If you do not want to pay for prime, then the 6-month trial is still there completely free so make the most of that!

Cinema tickets

Cinemas like the Odeon or the Showcase will offer a student ticket. So, if you are buying your tickets at the cinema always double check if they have student tickets available. Sometimes you can use your UNIDAY’s ID as proof if you do not have your student card on you.

Tesco Clubcard

This is not a discount exclusively for students, but I think it is something well worth mentioning! Sign up to get a Tesco Clubcard online for free and then you can get access to a range of different Tesco products at the Clubcard price rather than paying full price.

This is great for students who do not have an Aldi or a Lidl nearby. Every time you use your Clubcard you are collecting points. These Clubcard points can then be used for different purposes. You can either use your points to pay for your shop or you can use your points towards activities such as theme parks, zoos, going out for dinner and so much more! You can get up to 3x your points value in rewards. For example, if you have £3 Clubcard points, then you may have £9 to spend on activities.

Get your Tesco Clubcard here.

Taste card

As a student you are able to get a free 3-month trial of a taste card.

The taste card includes 2 for 1 meals in a range of different restaurants (1000s of restaurants including Prezzo, Zizzi, Ask Italian and more), up to 30% off cinema tickets, up to 33% off movie streaming, up to 50% off attractions along with member perks.

All you have to do is verify your student status to get access to the taste card education store to access your 3-month trial and the chance to win a £100 ASOS card.

Sign up for a Taste Card here.


Spotify offers a deal for students. You can use a trial for free for 3 months and then after that you pay only £5.99 per month. This means you get ad-free music; you can listen whilst offline and you get better sound quality.

Sign up to Spotify here.

Final Thoughts

Take your student card everywhere! Sometimes at the checkout you may be asked if you have a student card if you are based in a student area, so it is well worth carrying it around with you.

If you need any stationery, a laptop or any other equipment for school, university then make sure you check for any discounts before you purchase.

Be careful who you offer out your student discount to. For example, if you let someone use your coach card to book a ticket, you have to remember that this might get checked and if they don’t have the card (which wouldn’t match them) then they could be refused.

Many companies will offer a student ticket/ student discount, but they may not advertise it as much. So wherever you go it wouldn’t hurt to ask. A good example of this is the gym. Your university gym may offer a really good student offer compared to the normal gyms around your area.


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