Becoming a student means you are going to have to learn to juggle your social life and your studies. The key to doing it properly and making sure you have that balance is to have the right apps that are going to be able to help you! These apps will not only help you out academically, but they will make your everyday life easier! From cooking apps to note taking, I have found the best ones that you need to download now!


Moves is an app used by multiple universities (check with your sports department if your university is signed up to Moves). Moves is a fitness app that tracks your steps. However, not only does it track your steps, but your steps will get converted into points. With these points depending on your university, you will be offered a range of rewards. For example, a university hoodie or a free meal in the Student Union. Some universities will also offer Amazon vouchers or free sports sessions. So, all you need to do is connect the app to your health app/ Fitbit/ apple watch/etc. Then the app will automatically track your steps and start adding up your points. Make sure you go on the app every few days to refresh it and check your steps are being counted.


I couldn’t write a post about apps without including Jamworks! Jamworks in the number one note taking app that is going to help you so much with your revision. The app lets you record seminars/ lectures whilst transcribing everything into notes so that you don’t have to! Your revision will be made so much easier if you have this app downloaded to your phone. You can also share your notes with your classmates which is ideal if you miss a 9am after a night out!


TimeTree is a perfect app for students who are looking to be social but cannot find a time when all of their friends are free. What happens is you can invite people to the same calendar, and everyone can add their timetable. You can also add if you have any plans that are already set or days when you are working. This way you can easily find a time when most or all of your friends are free!


Where would I be without Tasty? Tasty is my favourite cooking app that shows you how to make super easy meals. I have been using this app for the past few years living at university and it has been a life saver. It firstly asks you if you are a vegan/ vegetarian so that it can tailor the types of meals it shows you. The recipes include main meals, desserts, snacks, etc. Anything you like, there will be a recipe for it!

There are so many students that are missing out because they’re not using this app! Another feature Tasty has is that you can save meals and create your own cookbooks… how cool is that! If you add certain recipes Tasty can create a personalised shopping list on the spot for you. So not only are you getting to make great meals but your saving time trying to remember everything and create a shopping list.


LinkedIn is the place to be if you are looking for a placement, graduate job or even just a part time job. Your university will usually advise you to create an account so potential employers can start to see what you’re up to. If you don’t know what LinkedIn is like, then think of it like the professional Facebook. It is the place where you can post about your progression through university or talk about any skills you have learnt from different experiences or CPD.

One thing you must be on LinkedIn is professional. Make sure you don’t post about your nights out or that you are going to the pub later.

I have been offered a few part-time jobs through LinkedIn. It was also where I was able to contact professionals in my desired career for interviews for my dissertation. So, LinkedIn is a very useful platform for multiple reasons.


Fatsoma is an events app that sells tickets. A lot of university societies sell their tickets on this app. All you have to do is type in the city you are staying in and then you will be shown all the tickets you can purchase for any upcoming events. These events can include nightclub tickets, brunch tickets, society events, food and drink, festivals and much more. A lot of fresher’s week ticket events are also sold on this app. So, download it now and see what is going on in your area.


This app is specifically made for university students to help make them a bit of money. You can apply for jobs in any of these categories: photography, tech, marketing, writing, design, business and more. All you have to do is click on ‘tasks’ and apply to anything you want to do. These jobs are usually a one-off thing that will take a couple of hours. They also offer social media jobs like uploading a story shout out for different businesses that you can get paid for. A few jobs I have applied to before including social media manager and logo designing.

They also have a monthly prize draw that you can enter.


You do have to pay for Forest, but it is a one-off payment of under £5 for a brilliant app. If you struggle with focusing or you get distracted easily by your phone, then this app is exactly what you need. Especially if you have any online lectures, etc that you will be doing from home.

I have multiple friends who use this app, and they say it is key for getting them through any revision periods.


If you’re like me and you loving planning and writing lists, then this app is the one for you. Todoist lets you arrange your list exactly how you like. Free up your mental space by writing everything you need on this app. The apps features include adding quick tasks, creating sections and subheadings, creating recurring dates, giving tasks priority levels of importance, sharing your workload by delegating tasks and much more. I recommend turning your list notifications on so that you can be reminded on the day.


EasyBib is a free bibliography creator. This is great for your reports or essays that you are writing for assignments. When you are writing your report you can use this app to create citations if the form for websites, journals, book and more. You are able to upload your paper when you have written it to check your grammar. You can also check for plagiarism which is a massive thing at universities. Not only this but you can get proofreading help from experts within 24 hours of submitting. If your assignment needs a title page, then EasyBib can also do this for you.

So, it is basically your all-in-one tool needed for assignments/ essay writing, etc.

Final Thoughts

The majority of these apps are free and are accessible on iOS or Android. I recommend downloading these apps and giving them a go to see if they will be of use to you! I especially think you should download Jamworks, EasyBib and LinkedIn as these are my most used apps which will be helpful not matter what stage of university you are at.

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