Jamworks: AI & Data Security

Jamworks uses AI to empower students to overcome barriers to learning.


We don’t sell or rent user data to any third parties.


No user data is used to train third party or in-house AI models.


Recorded content belongs to the original content source.

Neither Jamworks nor users assume ownership of content captured through Jamworks.


Jamworks does not automatically record lectures, seminars or meetings.

Basically, we do everything we can to ensure the ethical use of AI as a force for good in education.

We help students, we don’t harvest their data.

Which third parties provide AI services to Jamworks?


Deepgram processes audio data and converts speech to text. Once the data has been processed and returned to Jamworks, Deepgram deletes all user data.

Features using Deepgram:

  • Transcription
  • Live Captioning

Deepgram only uses user data to process a transcript, then the data is permanently deleted.

Deepgram does not use Jamworks user data to train its AI models.

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services

Microsoft Azure’s expertise in data privacy and security is used to protect all user data. Azure processes transcriptions and returns AI outputs to aid studying.

Features using Azure:

  • Full Lecture Summaries
  • Auto Highlights
  • Highlight Summaries
  • Key Points
  • JamQuiz
  • JamAI
  • JamVision


Microsoft Azure’s cloud-hosted servers are located close to the user. So in the UK, data is hosted in the UK, in the US data is hosted in the US.

Just to reiterate, our relationship with Microsoft Azure means that user data is:

  • Not used to train Open AI models
  • Not used to train Microsoft Azure models
  • Not used to train any models
  • Not used to improve any third parties products

Who owns content captured through Jamworks?

The simple answer is that whoever owns the content originally, still owns it.

Capturing content through Jamworks does not infer ownership.

We honour the original content owner’s rights and as a result do not allow students to download the audio or videos that they record in Jamworks.

“AI is a game changer for education. When it comes to note taking and revision, Jamworks is the app to go for.”

– Megan, University of Winchester

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