Become a Jamfluencer

How it works

Post across your socials promoting your experience using the Jamworks app! We give you full creative control over the content that you produce so you can make it as good as it can be!

Interact with your followers to keep them interested. Answer any questions and point them in our direction as much as possible. 

Influence them to download the app! Promote the benefits of Jamworks and get them onboard!


So what’s in it for you? We have created a points ranking system based on successfully completing objectives. These objectives level up and at each rank you earn bigger and better prizes, so the better you do the more you gain! The beauty of this programme is that no matter what size following you have, you can still complete the objectives and earn prizes.

The ideal Jamfluencer

Confident and highly motivated students or influencers with a student audience. 

Very sociable and well connected with a decent following and an engaged audience.

You know how to influence and encourage students to take action, signup for Jamworks, create and share social media posts, comment and like our content.

You are brave and willing to take on regular missions to drive Jamworks awareness and increase student acquisition. You will raise awareness on campus, at events and online across social media platforms.

Ready to get started?

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Become a Jamfluencer

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