Case Study - Lewis

The Jamworks Team sat down with Lewis, a student from Oxford Brookes who graduated with a 2:1 in Marketing Management in 2021, to learn more about his experience using Jamworks during his studies.

He enjoyed his time at university, but struggled initially with the switch to remote learning.

“I struggled at times during the pandemic, when all of my lectures and seminars were moved online. I effectively did the second half of my degree from my bedroom in my dingy student digs.”

61% of students reported that lack of face-to-face learning had a major or moderate impact on the quality of their course during the pandemic. (ONS 2021)

“I found issues with this method of learning for a few reasons:

  1. I found it very difficult to socialise, make friends and share ideas. We only had around five minutes in a breakout room per seminar, in which nobody would have their camera on. Sometimes the other people would remain silent, or they weren’t even at the computer.”

77% of students have muted a lecture and not paid attention. (Jamworks 2021)

  1. “It was very easy to get distracted as I was sitting in my bedroom, which is a place for relaxing as opposed to learning. Add this to the speed at which lecturers tend to speak and skip through presentation slides, and I often ended up missing key pieces of information.”
78% of students agreed that their lecturer often skipped slides before they had finished taking notes. (Jamworks 2021)
  1. “I felt awkward asking the lecturer to repeat stuff on a large Zoom call, as I didn’t want to hold everyone else up.”
  2. “I found digital learning very time consuming. A 40 minute lecture would turn into 2 hours of studying, as I’d often have to wait for the recording to be posted to go back over everything minute-by-minute, to complete my notes.”

Lewis felt the switch to remote learning not only affected his attainment, but also his student experience.

“Overall, I feel as though doing online learning negatively affected my results and took away from my spare time, meaning I had less time to do the things I loved.”

Life satisfaction of students dropped from 30% in 2019 to just 6% in 2021. (SAES 2021)

However, his experience of digital learning vastly improved when he started using Jamworks as an educational companion.

“Towards the end of my studies, I came across an app called Jamworks (Echoist at the time) and I found this study tool incredibly helpful.”

“It had a very positive impact on my studies. I used Jamworks to record my lectures, both audio and screen, and made good use of the different features to study more efficiently.”

2/3s of institutions using lecture capture reported a rise in student grades. (Panopto 2019)

Lewis was able to take in the most important information, even if he got distracted from time to time.

“The Recap button helped when I got distracted, as it allowed me to track back in 15-second increments, safe in the knowledge that I’d be able to quickly listen back to anything important that I didn’t fully understand at the time.”

He stopped stressing about missing lecture slides, and started taking notes more efficiently.

“I no longer missed the end of slides thanks to the Point Of Interest button, which captured all of the visual content of the Powerpoint slides as well as the accompanying audio at the click of a button. I did still take some notes (nowhere near as many) and I was able to upload these to my account as well, which I found very useful when it came to revising for my final assignments.”

Lewis felt empowered to engage with the course and his fellow students.

“I had everything that I needed in my dashboard, which I could quickly access whenever required. I was even able to share my notes and playlists with other students, which helped me to feel connected with the rest of my class.”

74% of students would be interested in a platform to interact and collaborate on lecture content. (Jamworks 2021)

Jamworks helped Lewis make the most of digital learning.

“Overall, Jamworks really helped me to improve the way I took notes, as well as my efficiency, which meant I had a lot more time to do the things I really love, such as socialising.” 

“My overall student experience was greatly improved.”

Recorded lectures were students’ hands down #1 favourite tool during the pandemic. (EDUCASE 2020)

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