Case Study - Sam

Sam is a second-year Education Studies student at the University of Winchester. Speaking to Jamworks, he explained why he loves educational technology and how it helps him study more productively.

Echoing the prevailing sentiment among students, Sam believes digital learning tools offer a lot of benefits.

“With the introduction of online lectures, recordings and a general accelerated integration of new technologies into our education, there has been a lot to keep up with. Personally, I have been a big fan of this move and I think we only stand to benefit from it.”

“As a dyslexic student, the ability to rewatch lectures in my own time has been especially beneficial.

However, adapting to digital learning was tricky to begin with.

“It was very easy to drift off and not pay attention to lectures as there was no threat of consequences since we were on the other end of a laptop with our cameras turned off. Plus, as the year went on, the motivation really plummeted for most students.”

For Sam, lecture recordings were the most useful thing introduced during the pandemic.

“Being able to go back to my lecture recordings and review exactly what was said rather than flick through some hastily written notes was a huge upgrade.”

Lecture recordings helped him revise more efficiently.

“As a dyslexic student, my notes were never great. Anyone else trying to read them might need an in-depth knowledge of hieroglyphics and even I need a second to figure out what I had been frantically scrawling.”

“So, lecture recordings were an absolute game changer for me.”

Although Sam found the concept of recorded lectures beneficial, they were far from perfect.

“All my lectures are two hours long and in that substantial block of time there is a lot of information that I don’t need. Between tangents from a lecturer, or irrelevant anecdotes another student decided we’d all be better off hearing, there is a lot that can be cut out.”

“This becomes especially aggravating when essay time arrives and I have five or six two-hour videos to watch. I found myself writing down time stamps for anything that might be relevant to my essay assignments.”

Jamworks provides a solution that allows him to augment his recorded lectures with automated notes, saving time when he comes to revise.

“Being able to highlight the important parts of my lectures from the first sitting is so much more effective and saves me hours of time. While the recordings we have are great, the ones I can make with Jamworks are leagues better.”

Jamworks helps Sam study more productively and he believes the key to the platforms’ success is its simplicity.

“Jamworks is so streamlined, it’s easy to use, and it allows me to get the most out of every single lecture without throwing all of my free time out the window. It’s such a simple idea and yet it is so effective.”

“Jamworks has completely changed the way I approach my education.”

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