Best note taking apps for college students

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If you’re exploring note taking apps for college students, we’ve compiled a simple list for you.  As a college student, it can be essential to have an efficient and easy-to-use note taking tool. However, each note taking app offers a unique set of features that are ideal for different users and use cases. Some might […]

How to study for exams with Jamworks – Boost knowledge & wellbeing in exam season

It’s almost exam season which means for us students stress levels are rising and we need all the study support we can get! Many university students benefit from using assistive technology software such as Jamworks during lectures to take notes and record study content. However, did you know that you can also use Jamworks during […]

The best AI prompts for students – Make the most of JamAI

The introduction of AI study technology has improved the way that students can study and learn at university. AI prompts for students can help you understand complex topics, creative revision materials and ultimately achieve better grades.   JamAI is an AI chatbot feature integrated within the Jamworks app which students can use to aid their […]

Jamworks vs Glean vs Caption.ED – Compare DSA Note Taking Tools

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Accessible note taking solutions can be essential for helping students overcome barriers to learning. In this blog, we’ll be comparing Jamworks vs Glean vs Caption.ED to help you make an informed decision when searching for the most suitable note taking tool.  All students can benefit from note taking tools that record and transcribe lectures and […]

Jamworks’ AI Tutor: The best AI chatbot for higher education

When you’re a student there is always more to learn and endless questions you can ask. The only problem is that lectures don’t last forever so students can miss out on opportunities to ask questions that hold the answers to better grades and learning experiences. Luckily, Jamworks have developed a valuable solution for this problem […]

Best Apps for ADHD – Supporting Neurodivergent University Students


University life can be a challenge for students with ADHD. Some students may struggle with concentration, while others may have a hard time keeping organised. The good news is that there are plenty of apps that offer support, whether it’s helping students stay focused in class, revise better, or commit to a routine. In this […]

How I use Jamworks to unlock YouTube as a powerful study tool

jamworks unlocks youtube as a powerful study tool

As a kinaesthetic learner, I’m always looking for different ways to revise at university to keep my mind engaged and make learning feel like an enjoyable experience. I find that using a variety of apps and softwares which present me with various study methods (flashcards, videos, summaries etc.) helps me to avoid burnout, stay focused […] vs vs Jamworks AI – which is best for you?

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AI-powered note taking solutions can help students produce effective notes in less time. In this blog, let’s explore and compare vs vs Jamworks, as automated note taking tools.  Whether for meetings, online learning, lectures, or seminars, there’s a wide range of AI tools to choose from. But, which is the best tool for […] Alternatives – Best Note Taking Solutions for Universities

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If you’re looking for alternatives to help students with effective note taking and learning, we’ve got the list for you. We’ll be sharing best AI-powered transcription and note taking solutions for universities.  Note taking is an essential study skill for all students. However, producing accurate and comprehensive notes for every lecture, meeting, and seminar can […]