The exam period during university can become extremely stressful when you are trying to juggle all your deadlines and revise. Everybody has their own different situations which can sometimes make it harder. If your friends are less stressed and are happy to go out for drinks or socialise it can be difficult if you feel like you cannot go because you have too much work to do. Thus, not making your situation any easier.  

If you feel like you are struggling and getting worked up around your exams then I have a few simple tips that might work for you to de-stress. If possible, you want to feel as chilled out as you possible can under the circumstances when entering your exams.  


Taking time to stretch is super important, especially during exam period. When you spend time revising and writing up your coursework all day everyday it can have a negative effect on your body. Stretching enables you to take a break from your sitting desk position and move your body about. It also helps with your muscle relaxation. 

My tip is to hop on YouTube and take a look for any simple stretching videos or even yoga videos. They don’t have to be very long, around 10 minutes is usually normal.  

Deep breathing 

Lots of students – in fact the majority – will feel quite nervous before an exam. Deep breathing is often a process and technique that is overlooked. Those of you that have an Apple watch will know the constant reminder that Apple gives us to take a breath and do our breathing exercising. The truth is, they are right. It’s such a simple task that can give you a moment’s rest and give you time to reset, That will eventually help you alleviate your stress. There are so many apps and guides on the internet that can help you to get all the benefits out of simply just taking deep breaths. Or, as I’ve said Apple watches can be a huge help. There are also more affordable options out there on the market such as the Fitbit. 

Try Meditation?

Meditation is something a lot of people cannot get to grips with. I must admit, I am one of those people. However, it is definitely worth a try. I have heard countless stories that express the benefits of meditation. It’s an exercise that can be as long or as short as you want but one thing is for sure: if you get it hacked, it is certainly something that will allow you to de-stress during the exam period. Once again, there are many apps and social media stars that will provide help for you to start your meditating journey. So go and take a look! An app that I have personally tried is called Calm.  


Of course, it goes without saying, we all know you need a good night’s sleep to be able to function properly and do your best. So, make sure that the night before your exam, you don’t stay up too late chatting with your flatmates. Most definitely do not go on a night out as you never know where you might end up! 


Exercising is not something that needs to be a burden each day, it can be as simple as going for a walk. I think during the exam season this is the most effective form of exercise. This is because it allows you to get outside and get some fresh air. Exercising outside is not limited to just walking, it can be anything, playing football, cycling, playing rounders or running. The running part isn’t for me though! It’s also a great opportunity to get together with some of your friends too, too often in the exam season, social life is sacrificed, when really that is one of the great way to de-stress. So tie the two together and walk or run with friends.  

Returning home 

The majority of UK students live on student accommodation whether that be private housing or university halls. Sometimes the best thing to do is to escape the environment you are currently in and return to your home comforts. 

Simply talking a break from your university bedroom and the library can be a great relief. During exam season, the tension around campus can be very visible so spending time at home with family and friends can be really good for you. It also means you possibly have less distractions around you straying you away from your revision.  

Spending time with pets 

It may seem like the less obvious thing to do but spending time with pets has been a big stress reliver. Of course, this may not be completely possible but if you do happen to spend a little bit of time at home during your independent study then spend some quality time with your pet, or your friends’ pets if you don’t have one. The science behind it is when you touch your pet, you release oxytocin which is linked to your positive mood.  

Not only does your pet help you out this way but if you have dogs that need walking, it can make you a little more active than you may have been when at university.  

Additionally, stress can sometimes result in loneliness at university so coming home to your pet can provide you with companionship and happiness. It can also give you a refresh for when you need to return back to university.  

Of course, this only works if you are an animal fan! 

Final Thoughts 

 Becoming stressed before an exam is quite scary and frankly not very helpful at all so if some of these tips are able to help you calm down before hand then try them out! A lot of the time, students forget that if they need to, they can return home for a period of time. This is a great help for those needing a break or needing a space with no distractions. So give these ideas a little go if you have any upcoming exams and see if they help you out! 

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