How to navigate the Jamworks DSA Community for maximum disability support at university

What is the Jamworks DSA Community?

The Jamworks DSA Community is a freely accessible group for disabled and neurodivergent students at university hosted via the online platform Discord. The group is organised by the Jamworks team and a group of DSA experts who can support students with their application for Disabled Students’ Allowance. If you are a disabled or neurodivergent student, the Jamworks DSA Community is a valuable resource available for you to unlock your potential by making study more accessible with the support of DSA. Let’s have a look at how to get started with joining the community and all of the additional features available to you.

Join our DSA Community for Disabled and Neurodivergent students
Join our DSA Community for Disabled and Neurodivergent students

What is Jamworks?

Jamworks is an assistive technology app which utilises AI to generate multiple forms of revision methods and notes for students to maximise their learning potential. Disabled and neurodivergent students can ask for a Jamworks Pro subscription for free as part of their DSA offers and this can support their learning in many ways. Click here to find out more!

What is Disabled Students’ Allowance?

Disabled Students’ Allowance, known as DSA, is a non-repayable grant issued by the government to disabled and neurodivergent students at university in the UK whose learning is impacted by their condition. To apply for DSA you must either have a diagnosed condition or be able to provide proof that you are on a waiting list to be assessed. It is beneficial for students to apply for DSA as they can claim up to £26,000 worth of study support in forms such as assistive technology, study equipment, non-medical helpers, study skills sessions and much more. The support does not need to be paid back and will be issued subject to a student’s individual needs. 


discord logoWhat is Discord?

Discord is an instant messaging and online social platform where users can communicate via a range of methods such as message, call and video chat. The unique aspect of Discord is that you can create “servers” which is essentially a group for a selection of invited people to come together and connect around a certain topic or interest. The Jamworks DSA Community is an independent server which is accessible to join via this invite link. Within the server, the host creates a number of “channels” where different topics and conversations are discussed relating to the server’s subject (ie. DSA). 


How to join the Jamworks DSA Community

To join the Jamworks DSA Community, you will need to create a profile on Discord. You can easily do this by signing up here, inputting your email address and personal details and creating a username. Once you’ve signed up, head back here and click this invite link to join the Jamworks DSA Community server! You can use Discord on both mobile and desktop devices, just make sure to download the app. 

How to use the channels 

If you’re new to Discord, initially it may seem to be an overwhelming platform. However it’s easy to use once you understand the different tools available. Let’s have a look at all the channels available within the Jamworks DSA Community server:



When you join the server, you will need to go to this channel and select from a range of emoji options to acquire a role within the server. This gives you access to the rest of the channels which are relevant to you.  The options are as follows: 

  • Looking for info about DSA
  • Applied for DSA
  • Received DSA
  • Using Jamworks 



This channel is a space for the server admins (Jamworks team) to make any relevant announcements relating to the server and DSA. 



This is an informative channel which outlines why you should apply for DSA, and what you can benefit from as a disabled student. 



This channel outlines the eligibility requirements in order to apply for DSA which can be beneficial to know if you’re eligible for support. 



This channel includes links to blogs and informative TikTok videos explaining how you can apply for DSA. 



This channel outlines what Jamworks is, and how it can support the learning of disabled students at university. 



This channel is a space where the Jamworks team can post any official links that are relevant to the DSA application process and the support of disabled students’ learning. 



This channel is where most questions are asked by students and information is shared around Jamworks and the DSA application process. You can find additional information here from individual student experiences which may be relevant to your situation. 



This channel is a space for students to ask further questions following their initial step of applying for DSA. This includes discussions around the needs assessment and what to ask for in terms of support. 



This channel is helpful for students to share with the community what they have been sent by the DSA Team. By showing what support they have received, this can give other students an idea of what they could access through the DSA program as well as give ideas of what to ask for. 



And finally, the study tips channel is a place to go for additional study tips for disabled students, including how to use the Jamworks app to maximise your revision levels. 


How to ask questions in the DSA Community

You can ask any questions in various channels on the Jamworks DSA Community server, just try to pick the channel which is most relevant to your query. The #Ask-Jamworks channel is a good place to specifically ask the Jamworks team for info about using the app and software, while the #During-Your-Application channel is a helpful place to ask students and DSA experts for advice and support with challenges you may face applying for DSA. 


How to share your experience

If you have had either a positive or negative experience as part of the DSA application process it can be helpful to share this within the Jamworks DSA Community to provide information for other disabled students going through the same process. You can do this by typing out a paragraph with the relevant details and sending it as a message into a relevant channel. Please be aware that all members of the server will be able to see your comment.


How the Jamworks DSA Community can support your learning as a disabled student at university

Being a part of a community consisting of students who are going through similar experiences in relation to studying with a disability can help to provide a sense of belonging and normality to your university experience. It’s always worth making use of and accessing any support that is available to you as it can only benefit your case and can possibly improve your learning opportunities. By joining the Jamworks DSA Community you are able to learn more about how to get a Jamworks Pro subscription for free as part of your DSA offers. You can also make the DSA application process easier for yourself by communicating with other students who have already faced the challenges that can occur, leaving more time for you to focus on yourself and your studies. 


So what are you waiting for? Click here to join the Jamworks DSA Community free today and access unlimited disability support for university!

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