Jamworks Notes: 50% DSA Price Reduction

Main Takeaways:

  • Jamworks Notes is now available at a 50% reduced price in the DSA.
  • The price reduction was achieved through investments in new infrastructure, making operations more efficient without compromising features or functionality.
  • Jamworks Notes uses AI technology to provide intelligent, distraction-free note-taking and personalised learning support.
  • The product aims to address challenges faced by disabled and neurodivergent students related to note taking.
  • Jamworks’ mission is to make education more accessible and equitable for all students, regardless of disability or financial considerations.


Our team at Jamworks is filled with inquisitive minds who are constantly looking for innovative ways to empower disabled students to flourish and thrive. We have always believed that every student, regardless of disability or financial constraints, should have access to the best educational tools available. This belief drives us to continually refine Jamworks in a way that is cost-effective without compromising the features and functionality of the product, aiming to break down learning barriers and help students achieve their full academic potential.

Today, we are glad to announce a significant step forward in our mission:

Jamworks Notes, our flagship DSA product, is now available at a 50% reduced price.


A commitment to cost-effectiveness and quality

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Our journey has been driven by the invaluable feedback from thousands of students who face challenges with traditional note taking methods due to various disabilities. From struggling to keep up with lectures, to information overload and lapses in concentration, these barriers can significantly hinder their academic progress. Students with executive function impairments, for instance, often capture less than half of the important lecture points because they struggle to listen and type notes at the same time. Yet, having a complete set of notes is one of the most effective solutions a student can have.

Jamworks is designed to address these challenges head-on by generating highly detailed and well-structured text and audio notes from every class. This empowers students to focus and engage more deeply with their lectures without the distraction of frantic note taking. We prioritise accessibility into our design ethos to ensure that Jamworks can help improve learning outcomes for as many students as possible. With this in mind we knew it was necessary to find a way to remove cost as a barrier to students in urgent need of best-in-class note taking support.

Recognising these challenges, we have been relentlessly working over the past year to balance cost-effectiveness with state-of-the-art technology. By investing heavily in developing new infrastructure that has made our operation more efficient, we have managed to reduce the price of Jamworks Notes by 50% while maintaining all the same features, functionality, and perpetual licence duration. This enhanced architecture is now more resilient and efficient, allowing us to continuously introduce new features that support students by providing an accessible learning tool, which helps them in capturing and understanding lecture content without the need to struggle with extensive note taking.


Empowering student success with Jamworks Notes

An image of the Jamworks JamAI personal tutor robot

Jamworks Notes is designed to make note taking and learning more accessible and effective for all students, especially those with disabilities. Here are some of the key features that have been enhanced through our recent technological advancements:

  • Intelligent, distraction-free note taking: Automatically captures and organises key points from lectures and study sessions, ensuring that students never miss important information.
  • The power of AI: Uses AI across every step of the learning process to support the students comprehension of complex information.
  • Lecture slides: Students can upload their lecture slides and ask questions about them to gain a deeper understanding.
  • Voice recognition: Converts speech to text with high accuracy, catering to students who find typing challenging.
  • Cloud integration: Seamlessly syncs notes across devices, allowing students to access their notes anytime, anywhere.
  • Customisable interface: Adaptable to meet the diverse needs of students with varying disabilities, providing a personalised user experience.


Our goal at Jamworks is to empower students to be fully engaged during lectures, free from the stress of multitasking between note taking and absorbing information. Here are a few ways that how Jamworks Notes use the latest AI technology to significantly improve accessibility:


  • Distraction-free notes: Automatically generates both text and audio notes, allowing students to focus on understanding the material rather than frantically taking notes.
  • High-quality STEM notes: Jamworks captures detailed mathematical notations, which are a huge help for STEM students needing accurate notes for complex equations and formulas.
  • Interactive and personalised notes: Our personal tutor chatbot allows students to ask questions and receive customised study notes, especially beneficial for those who might feel anxious about speaking up in class.


Our mission: Make education more accessible

A banner with the JamAI robot and a list of features related to AI in Education. Features listed are: Automatic Highlights, Quiz, Transcripts, Key Points & Chat Bot.

While we’ve adjusted prices, our mission remains unchanged. We are dedicated to making education more accessible and equitable for everyone, and the driving force behind this mission is our revolutionary approach of creating a distraction-free environment that brings students back into the classroom and away from their devices, eliminating the worry of note taking and the fear of missing out on information.

By making Jamworks Notes more affordable, we aim to remove cost as a DSA recommendation consideration and ensure that every student can access the high-quality educational tools they need to succeed.

Our commitment to empowering students through accessible technology is at the heart of everything we do. Moving forward, we’ll continue to innovate and enhance our products, always putting our students’ needs first.

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