Tips for looking after yourself during the exam period

As we all know, the exam period can be a very stressful time and it can take its toll on a lot of students. Lots of students end up spending sleepless nights in the library and living off take aways which eventually builds up and leads to exhaustion and brain blocks. To make this time a little but easier for yourself there are a few things you can try doing.

Stick to a schedule

The main thing you need to do which will massively help your well-being is to create a schedule and stick to it. For example, if you have decided you need to leave the library at 8pm then when it comes round to it, you must pack up your things and go despite any work you want to try and get done. Thus way, you will be able to go home and get some rest and wake up on time to start fresh tomorrow.

Sleep is one of the most important things when it comes to studying.

Continue socialising

To look after your mental health, make sure you make time to meet up with a few friends. Sometimes students get a little carried away spending hours on end in the library until they realise they haven’t even spoken to someone in a few days. This pattern can become very unhealthy. So to avoid this, schedule a time in between your revision to take a break and meet up with friends to unwind. This should give your mind a rest and refresh you when you come back to your work.

Take a trip back home

Sometimes all it takes is a trip back home to sort yourself out. The exam period can be a very overwhelming time so getting your home comforts back, your washing done for you and your meals cooked and be really helpful if you are struggling a little bit. Even if you are coping with all your work, a trip home can be really good for you, you could see home friends and family and take your mind away from the library for a little while!

Create calming playlists

This is a little tip that helped me lots during the exam period. I made a few different playlists for different occasions. I created a playlist of songs I could listen to when revising – for reference, it has been proven that classical music helps you memorise things. So, try putting it on whilst you are revising and see if this helps!

I then have a playlist that I can use after I have finished my work or when I am taking a break. These are songs that you can just chill to and calm down.

Exercise and diet

Of course, keeping up with a good diet is extremely important. Eating takeaway after takeaway means you are not getting the right nutrient you need to focus on your work. Try and snack on fruits and vegetables whilst you study to keep up with your 5 a day.

Create a self-care routine

Creating a self-care routine can massively help to relax you, take your time with the routine, you want to look good right? A great tip is to complete a full routine in the morning with face wash, serum and then moisturiser. Then in the evening you can really prolong the process, this is your time, the revision has been done in the day so jump in the bath or get that face mask on. However, before this try to exfoliate, exfoliating is great because it removes the impurities that have gathered during the day. Once done either put a face mask on and afterwards complete the same process as you did in the morning. I find in the evening it helps if you invest in a night cream as opposed to a normal daily moisturiser. Another top tip is to get yourself a face massager, they are really relaxing at the end of the day and calm you of all the stress that you have from revision and exams. Self-care doesn’t need to be complicated and nor does it need to be focused on your face, self-care can even be just simply taking a book and just removing yourself from the reality. You will find that making self-care a habit will really improve your productivity.

Ask for help

Asking for help in this case can be associated with two outcomes. The first is asking your peers and friends for help during the exam period, having a study buddy that can quickly test you or give you some help on a certain topic can ease your worries.

The second is that asking for help for the benefit of your mental health during the exam period. Exams can be tough and sometimes they won’t always go well for you. You should really take some time to talk to people if you feel comfortable. This helps to put things into perspective and even more importantly it will allow you to better prepare for the next because you won’t have previous experiences creating a burden for you. Universities will all have great support service available to you so don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Podcasts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea; however, they are worth giving a go. They can allow you to escape and take your mind off revision and exam. This will ultimately make you more productivity than simply just working through with no breaks. There are loads of different podcasts out there that can suit everyone’s needs, some are hours long and some are only short. Who knows, you may even come across a podcast that massively helps you in your next exam.


Final Thoughts

So, there are a fair few things you can get up to during your exam period to look after yourself and get through it all in one piece. If you haven’t tried a few of these tips already then try them out and see what you think. I especially recommend giving podcasts a go as I was someone who was always against them until I started using them whilst I was at the gym and now I love them! They don’t have to be specific to any topic, you can even listen to the gossip ones or the advice podcasts, find something relevant to you and give it a go!

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