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Learn how to onboard your students

Everything you need to know to help your students get set up with Jamworks.

Step 1: Invite your students via our portal

To invite specific students to Jamworks, you must first log in to our portal. The Jamworks portal allows you to assign licenses to students quickly and easily.

Step 2: Share our student onboarding guide with your students

To make sure your students are ready to go with Jamworks, we have created a simple onboarding page which you can access and share via the link below.

We strongly recommend you share this link with the students you invite. It includes a welcome video, getting your account set up, making your first recording, FAQs, one to one training and more!

Step 3: Utilise support from the Jamworks team!

At Jamworks, we are student first. We are always available for one-to-one support, tutorial videos, chat support and more! Any questions, from staff to students, we are happy to help.

It's as easy as that!

Have any questions? Feel free to book in a one to one call using the button below to chat to a member of our team.


Check out our FAQ page, or chat to us using our chat support.

Review our onboarding guides

Review our help guides to learn the step-by-step process of adding your students to Jamworks.

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