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Jamworks 3.0 - The launch of hands-free note-taking

Jamworks' AI Education Features:

Key Points

Jamworks harnesses the power of AI to automatically generate a perfect set of notes from each recording. Known as Key Points, these beautifully formatted notes focus on a topic and feature a short explanation and a list of bullet points.

AI Personal Tutor

We train a personalised chatbot on every recording. These lesson specific AI tutors can answer questions about subjects discussed in class.

Live Captioning

We use the world’s fastest and most accurate speech to text provider to offer unrivalled word accuracy and minimum latency for live captioning on mobile and desktop devices.


While processing each recording, our AI transcription engine semantically optimises every sentence to produce best-in-class accuracy of 92-93%.

Automatic Highlighting

The Jamworks AI automatically identifies important sections of each recording, enabling students to focus and ‘be present’ in class. This distraction free, hands free approach to note taking is a real game changer for some.

AI Summarisation

Transcripts can be long and daunting to review, that’s why we use AI to summarise all of the important information into concise study notes that boost comprehension and speed up revision.

AI Flashcards

Jamworks automatically generates interactive flashcards from every highlight. Each flashcard is linked to the appropriate section of the recording, making it easy to recap the information when needed.

Multiple Languages

Ask questions to JamAI in dozens of languages and get answers in that language. Perfect for student for whom English is a second language.

Jamworks Note Taking & Revision Features:


Students can record audio, video, camera and screen content using a laptop & audio content using a phone.


Students simply select a button to highlight important moments. Each highlight becomes a clickable chapter that can be reviewed quickly and easily in a variety of accessible formats.


Students can upload slide decks to view alongside their recording, highlights, notes, summaries, key points and flashcards.

Focus Reading

Focus Reading is a visual technique, which helps some people stay focussed and read text faster. It involves emboldening the first three letters of a word and it can be toggled on and off as desired.

Note Taking

Students can add their own notes to a recording or linked to an individual highlight to provide additional context. They can also upload supporting PDFs, webpages, images or photos of handwritten notes.

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