Best AI Note Taking Apps for Higher Grades

Finding the best tool to assist students isn’t easy. But now, with several AI note-taking apps on the market, students have access to additional support to improve their learning and understanding. In this blog, we’ll uncover some of the best AI note-taking apps to help students revise more effectively and achieve higher grades.


1. Jamworks: The Best AI Note-Taking App Overall

Jamworks AI note taking-app for students


Jamworks is a powerful all in one study app built for students who struggle with note-taking. It records classes and automatically turns them into useful and accessible study materials.

Its pioneering AI features can simplify complex topics into simple, clear ideas, making revision much easier. Unlike other items on our list, Jamworks is the only app that takes notes automatically for students based on lecture content.

The app offers a perfect solution for students who struggle with how to revise. Thanks to its AI technology, Jamworks automatically generates written notes, revision flashcards, and text summaries from every class – alleviating stress in class and afterwards.

To help students absorb long-form content, Jamworks uses AI to extract key information, displayed in the Summary tab. JamAI is another feature that shows how AI is changing how students learn. The built-in chatbot lets students ask questions directly related to lecture content to help improve their understanding. If you’re looking for a note-taking tool to assist students at all levels, consider trying Jamworks at your school or university.


2. Taskade: The Best AI Note-Taking App for Organisation

Taskade AI note taking app


Taskade is an AI note-taking app to help students organise their notes. The app’s bullet-based structure allows students to collapse information, which can help reduce overwhelm.

Templates are one of Taskade’s top features to help give students a clear structure for their notes. Some templates are designed especially for students, such as the AI Student Assignment Tracker template. Templates lead to more organised notes and they can help students revise more effectively. Although it must be noted that students will have to write the notes themselves, which isn’t easy for everybody.

Using Taskade, students can easily switch between different project views. Some views, like the board view and mind map view, are especially helpful for visual learners. If you’re looking for a way to help students organise their notes effectively, Taskade is a good option.


3. Notion AI: A Flexible AI Productivity App

Notion AI note taking class notes


Over the years, Notion has gained a strong reputation among students. Now, with Notion AI, students can explore further ways to be creative and boost their productivity.

Notion AI is another great tool for students who excel at writing their own nots. One feature called Find Action Items helps identify key information from their notes. There’s also a translation tool and a text summarizer.

There are many tools offered by Notion AI to aid students when writing assignments. Students can brainstorm initial ideas using AI, improve their writing style, and use the grammar checker for last-minute tweaks. There are a limited number of responses in the free plan, however. To use unlimited AI responses, you’ll need to purchase a licence for $10 per month.


4.  Quillbot: The Best AI App for Essay Writing Assistance

Quillbot AI paraphrasing note taking tool


Quillbot offers many tools to take the stress out of essay writing. The app is available for macOS and online, and you can try it out for free. The app’s simple interface makes it easy to use for all students. There’s also a dark mode to reduce eye strain.

Quillbot’s sidebar includes a paraphrasing tool, a grammar checker, and a plagiarism checker to compare your writing with existing web content. Although there isn’t a tool to generate lecture notes like Jamworks, there are still some helpful tools to improve students’ writing.

One helpful tool that aids students while working is Quillbot’s AI Co-Writer assistant. This allows students to remain focused without being disturbed by online distractions. Using the co-writer, students can research online sources without opening a new tab, which helps to create a focused working environment. Quillbot is a strong option to recommend to students who struggle with essay writing.


5. Reflect: The Best Note-Taking App for Linking Ideas

Reflect AI note taking app


Reflect is a proficient AI note-taking app to help students understand the links between different topics. Using the power of backlinks, students can create a two-way connection between note pages. This offers an alternate method to traditional folder management that some students may find more helpful.

Similar to Notion, Reflect uses a command system to create AI-generated content. By accessing the AI assistant, students can ask Reflect to list key takeaways of highlighted text and generate summaries from their own pre-written lecture notes. While it doesn’t feature flashcards or quizzes for revision needs, Reflect can help students understand existing content.

To help organise written notes, Reflect uses a calendar view. This can help students find information based on when it was written. Another way to navigate is using the Map view. This visual approach places notes in a web structure, displaying connections between lecture topics. Reflect can help those students who struggle to make connections between ideas.


AI Note-Taking Apps Can Change How Students Learn

AI is shaping the way businesses and industries work, and the education industry is no exception. Thanks to AI study tools like Jamworks, students no longer need to worry if they struggle with note-taking and revision. Generate better results and boost productivity in class using these AI note-taking apps.

If you’re a student interested in trying out Jamworks, click here. If you’re an educator interested in providing Jamworks to your students, you can learn more here.

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