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Jamworks is a powerful AI note taker that works directly with your lecture content for a personalised and accessible learning experience. Using the latest AI, Jamworks captures and transforms your lecture notes into interactive learning materials.

Students can explore and revise their lecture content using bite-size summaries, interactive revision flashcards, and personalised AI tutor chatbots. Jamworks provides a safe, wall-guarded AI experience, which ensures students are learning from their own lecture and class content. 

This versatile learning software aims to help all students, including those with disabilities or neurodivergent conditions, to excel in their learning. Read on to learn more about how Jamworks leverages the power of AI for an enhanced note taking experience.


AI Note Taker: Key Features


Lecture Recorder and AI Note Taker

Record your online and in-person lectures, classes and seminars with the click of a button. Jamworks uses automatic AI topic detection to break your recordings down into key highlights and topics for you. This makes it easy and simple to review your lectures using organised and accessible audio chapters. 



Accessible Multimedia Lecture Notes with AI

screenshot of ai note taker features

Jamworks transforms your lecture content and highlights into a variety of formats. You can review content as captioned video clips, audio chapters, and word-for-word transcripts with speaker titles.

Using AI, Jamworks generates short summaries for each highlight and a list of key points to support your comprehension. To each highlight, you can also add your own notes, images, and files.


AI Generated Interactive Flashcards 

screenshot of ai note taker generated quizReady to start revising? Jamworks automatically turns your lecture highlights into interactive, multiple-choice flashcards. This AI note taker generates questions and answers using your lecture content to aid your learning.

Your flashcards will remain linked to their original highlight in the recording, so you can revisit that topic with ease. 






Personalised AI Tutor Chatbot: JamAI

Get personalised support with a dedicated AI tutor chatbot for each lecture. JamAI can summarise, explain, simplify, and expand on lecture content to help you learn without limits. Jamwork provides a safe, reliable AI experience by training your chatbot on your recordings only.



You can ask JamAI questions to explore and make sense of the topics discussed in an entire lecture. Or, you can select specific highlights to break down your exploration into manageable chunks. 



JamAI is currently automatically trained using the first hour of your recordings. For longer recordings, please select all the highlights that you are interested in to ensure JamAI is ready for your questions. 


Assistive AI Note Taker with Accessibility Features

Jamworks is more than a powerful AI note taker. It is an assistive technology software designed with accessibility and inclusivity in mind. Students can benefit from automated and AI-powered note taking alongside dedicated accessibility features such as:

  • Accurate live captioning 
  • Customisable text size with readable fonts
  • Variety of text and background colour options
  • Screen-reader compatibility 
  • Prebuilt profiles, e.g. seizure safe and vision-impaired profiles 
  • Keyboard navigation and so much more!


Benefits of AI Note Taking for Students 

Perfect and Comprehensive Lecture Notes

Jamworks allows all students to leave lectures with a detailed set of notes. Note taking can be a complex task that requires active listening, capturing and summarising. It can be difficult to produce detailed notes that give you peace of mind. Your AI note taker helps you access the most essential learning materials with ease. 


Distraction-Free Note Taking

Understanding is key to effective learning. However, trying to listen while taking notes can make it hard to truly engage with the material. If you often zone out or have difficulties concentrating, you might end up with messy and incomplete notes. Jamworks keeps everything organised and complete, allowing you to prioritise listening and understanding. 


Effective Note Taking for Disabled and Neurodivegent Students

Jamworks’ AI note taking features are beneficial for all students and essential for others. Reading, writing, concentrating, and multitasking can be barriers to note taking for some students. Jamworks ensures an effective note taking experience for all. This makes it possible for disabled and neurodivergent students to access their learning materials independently. 


Save Time to Focus on Revision and Assignments

Rewatching lectures, rewriting notes, and catching up can be incredibly time-consuming. Jamworks can help you save time and get started on more important tasks. Instead of rewatching entire lectures, you can revisit and revise materials using audio chapters, interactive flashcards, and AI summaries. 

If you need help with a topic while writing up an assignment, JamAI can help refresh your understanding. Jamworks makes it possible to prioritise exploration, understanding, and revision instead of catching up. 


Explore Lectures in Depth with a 24/7 Personalised AI Tutor 

JamAI allows you to deeply explore the topics given in lectures. It can be a tricky task to confidently go beyond your learning materials alone. Jamworks’ chatbot gives you 24/7 personalised support to aid your learning. 

You can ask questions and have concepts explained multiple times in different ways. There’s no need to feel limited or embarrassed, which gives you the freedom to learn in a way that is best for you. JamAI can summarise, expand, simplify, and so much more to aid your comprehension. 

If you want to take your learning a step further, JamAI can help you to get creative and critical with your lecture notes and topics. Unlike other AI chatbots, JamAI is a wall-guarded AI that focuses on your lecture content and highlights only. This means you can rest assured that you are learning in a safe and reliable environment. 

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