Content, Collaboration, Communication: The new focus for Jamworks

What is Jamworks?

Welcoming Jamworks… the all-new student technology that will change the way you study. It is an amazing platform aimed at students offering multiple features that will enhance your time in education. Oh.. and it’s totally FREE!

Jamworks is your own personal note taker, how cool is that! It helps you relive your lectures in short snippets wherever you are. It is an absolute game changer for students, revise from home, from your bed, or even in the bath.

The background of Jamworks

The founders created technology in 2013 that allowed speech therapists to track key moments of their therapy sessions with students and this is what led to Jamworks!

Jamworks started when the team behind the original technology knew that an agnostic meeting tracking tool would be extremely valuable to any individual that wants to be more productive during and after meetings.

With the pandemic arriving this was Jamworks place to shine, recording online.

Who is Jamworks for?

Jamworks is mainly aimed at students, whether you are at college, school, or university doing a PHD, Jamworks will be an excellent tool for you.

However, it is not limited to students. If you use online webinars for meetings, workshops, or any other reason, then Jamworks is the way to go.

How to sign up to Jamworks

The sign up process could not be any easier. All you have to do is click the button below and sign up. It will take less than 1 minute so sign up now!

Why you should sign up

There are so many reasons you should sign up for Jamworks, I could talk about it all day but here are just a few short reasons why you should sign up today:

  • You can use Jamworks to capture anything you find valuable in your lectures/ meetings
  • You can build your own playlist of content
  • You can relive your lectures in a fraction of the time and you can do this from absolutely anywhere
  • Reduce an hour-long lecture into a 20 minute playlist
  • Not paying attention? Use the track back button  to record the bits you just missed by recording the past
  • Busy life? Then record your lectures while you are doing something else and rewatch them when you have time, or if you’re super skilled then you can multitask

How do you use Jamworks?

All you have to do is sign up for an account that takes 1 minute. Jamworks has an integration tool where you can connect your student timetable to link with Jamworks. This means it makes it super accessible and easy to start recording. All you have to do is download the widget on your laptop, or download the app on your phone. When you have a lecture, press quick start and you can start recording and using the functions.

The great thing about getting to record everything is that it translates the lecturer’s words into a transcript so you don’t even need to write anything down!

After the lecture you can send your recordings to your friends and course mates.

Final Thoughts

Jamworks is the number one piece of technology that every student needs. It is an amazing resource that will help you throughout your whole educational experience. If you are a university student, then there is no doubt that this will massively improve your way of life. Living as a student is hard enough so with Jamworks it can make everything so much easier and take the pressure off.

Take a tour of Jamworks!

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