Echo is a web and mobile app that lets you easily track clips and collaborate on notes on your video meetings, virtual events, and remote lessons. You tell Echo what segments of a session were important to you, Echo tracks these segments, converts the audio into text with the same accuracy of human understanding. Allowing these clips to be indexed, searchable and retrievable at a later date.

It gets better; Use Echo’s memory to never miss a word. If you’ve realised that you’re half way into a topic that you really should have been paying attention to, memory gets you there. Just swipe and we’ll make sure that you can record that moment your boss said that you deserve a raise. Have you ever sat in a meeting and completely forgotten what was said 5 minutes ago? Maybe you’re trying to keep track of your endless to-do list and tasks that are assigned to you. Research tells us that the average person only retains 5% of the discussion from a meeting. Use Echo to be your remote meeting personal assistant, on mobile and desktop.

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