Jamworks’ AI Tutor: The best AI chatbot for higher education

When you’re a student there is always more to learn and endless questions you can ask. The only problem is that lectures don’t last forever so students can miss out on opportunities to ask questions that hold the answers to better grades and learning experiences. Luckily, Jamworks have developed a valuable solution for this problem – let me introduce to you the Jamworks AI Tutor. 


What is Jamworks?

The Jamworks app is a form of assistive technology which uses AI to generate study tools that support the learning of students at university. The app is available to use on both mobile and desktop devices and is used during lectures to record the session and highlight clips of key points and topics throughout the class. 


What is JamAI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence by machines and computer programmes. Following the release of ChatGPT, the AI chatbot that uses natural language processing to create humanlike conversational dialogue, Jamworks has been able to utilise AI to provide study features within the app to elevate the learning experiences of students.


JamAI: How to use the AI Tutor

JamAI is one of several AI features of the Jamworks app and provides students with the opportunity to ask the questions they need answers to about their lecture content at university. Here’s a full breakdown of how JamAI works and how to use it to learn:

  • To access the JamAI feature, log into your Jamworks account and click on the recorded session in the “Recordings” tab which you would like to study.
  • In the top left hand corner on the desktop version there is a button labelled “Ask JamAI”. When you select this button a small chat window will appear with the AI Tutor informing you “I’m here to help you with your studies. What would you like to know?”.
  • In the chat box below you can type in your questions and the AI Tutor will provide you with the answers you need.
  • The recent feature update now enables you to expand the chat box to full screen by selecting the square box in the left hand corner of the chat box tab. 
  • When in expansion mode, a list of the highlight clips from this session will appear on the left hand side. You can select one or multiple highlights to narrow down your questions for the Jamworks AI Tutor to only relate to the specific topics and information from these clips. This enables students to have a more focused conversation with JamAI relating to a specific part of the class that students may not have understood previously.


What can I ask JamAI?

Unlike AI chat services such as ChatGPT, the Jamworks AI Tutor provides information which is limited to the topics relating to the content from the recorded session you have chosen. This is one of the many reasons why JamAI is a favourable AI Tutor and study method to use as it keeps students focused on their revision and avoids opportunities to become distracted. The best way to understand this when you are wondering “what can I ask JamAI?” is to think of this situation as being similar to attending a lecture; if it is a question that your lecturer wouldn’t typically answer during class, such as something which diverts from the subject being taught, then it won’t be a suitable question to ask the Jamworks AI Tutor. 


JamAI: What are the benefits of the AI Tutor?

  • JamAI can present information to students in different ways to make the content more understandable and digestible than how the lecturer has taught it during the class. 


  • JamAI can be used on both the desktop and mobile app, which makes revision more accessible for learning on the go. 


  • JamAI can improve students’ understanding of lecture content which will lead to better grades as a result. 


  • JamAI can support the learning of students with mental health conditions as it means they don’t have to speak out during class to ask questions and become stressed in fear of missing out on content because they can use the AI Tutor to obtain that information instead.


  • JamAI is an interface which is easy to use and can be adapted with the accessibility profile settings on the Jamworks website to cater to a student’s individual needs for a better learning experience. 


  • Having the JamAI feature integrated within the recording tab prevents the risk of students becoming distracted from their revision which would likely be the case if constantly going to an external AI chat provider such as ChatGPT which expands beyond the relevant subject.


  • Unlike other AI tutor tools, Jamworks can not be used to write essays or assignments. This is really important, as using AI tools like ChatGPT to write assignments risks being punished for plagiarism.


  • JamAI can interact with students in nearly 70 different languages, so students whose first language is not English can make sense of lecture content in a language that is more understandable for them. 


Utilising AI tools for revision such as JamAI are the key to improving learning opportunities and experiences at university. This is because JamAI essentially works as a 24/7 lecturer for the student, meaning that their learning opportunity is no longer limited from when they leave the classroom. JamAI has the potential to provide students with information that a lecturer may not have knowledge of themselves, and can explain this to students in every way possible until they grasp the concept completely (without frustration or impatience!). 


Join our DSA Community for Disabled and Neurodivergent students
Join our DSA Community for Disabled and Neurodivergent students

UK Disabled students have the opportunity to access a Jamworks Pro subscription for free to use JamAI by applying for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA). If you’d like support with your DSA application, click here to join the Jamworks DSA Community

If you are a student with a disability studying in Canada or the US, please enquire with your Student Support services to see if they can provide you with a free account.


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