How to study for exams with Jamworks – Boost knowledge & wellbeing in exam season

It’s almost exam season which means for us students stress levels are rising and we need all the study support we can get! Many university students benefit from using assistive technology software such as Jamworks during lectures to take notes and record study content. However, did you know that you can also use Jamworks during exam season to improve your revision levels and get better grades? Let’s have a look at how to study for exams with Jamworks to reach your full study potential!


Mental Health Support during exam season with Jamworks

If, like me, you’re a student who tends to get stressed out during exam season, knowing how to study for exams with Jamworks can help to reduce your anxiety levels and make studying a more enjoyable experience.

A woman teaching on a white board, using the Feynman technique with an image of the Jamworks appThis is due to the Automatic Highlights feature which detects topic changes during your lecture and records the relevant information you need to go back to later on. This helps to avoid information overload and lowers anxiety levels as using the Jamworks app eliminates the need for fearing missing out on content during class. There is less pressure on keeping up academically as you can revise the content for exams at a time that suits you best with the content easily accessible in the recordings tab.


Access various study methods for exam revision

When you’re revising for exams at university it can be beneficial to use multiple study methods to ensure you approach the content from different angles. Instead of wasting time writing out flashcards by hand to study from or attempting to summarise your notes, use Jamworks and the app’s AI features will do this for you, leaving you with more time to learn and less to waste! There are a number of AI features to use including:


Support when your lecturer is not available with JamAI

While lecturers can be a helpful source of support and information at university, the reality is that they are not always available 24/7 (and sometimes even they don’t have all the answers!). This can cause stress levels to rise during exam season if you are struggling to understand a section of content and have no access to learning support. 

The Jamworks app can support you during exam season in this situation with the help of the JamAI; an AI chatbot feature integrated within the Jamworks app which you can use to aid your studies. JamAI provides information which is limited to the topics relating to the content from the recorded session you have chosen. 

JamAI can present information to you in different ways to make the content more understandable and digestible than how your lecturer has taught it during the class. This means that if you need some last-minute support before an exam, JamAI has got your back! And with the new update you can now ask JamAI specific questions relating to a specific highlight within a recorded session. 

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to use JamAI to study for your exams at university, and click here for a list of AI prompts for students to ask JamAI.


Accessible exam revision on the go with Jamworks mobile and desktop apps

Typically during exam season us students need to use every spare second as a study opportunity to cram as much information into our brains as possible. This is why you’ll often see students with flashcards and overflowing folders sitting on trains and buses on the way to campus. 

A more accessible way to have your notes and study tools with you anytime and anywhere is by using the Jamworks app during exam season. You can access your recordings and the AI features on both mobile and desktop devices, so that you can worry less about forgetting files and notebooks and focus more on what needs to be learned. Click here to download the Jamworks app on all your devices!


Disabled learning support with Jamworks accessibility profiles

Each student has their own individual needs, especially when it comes to exam revision. We all learn in different ways and benefit from being able to make our own adjustments to enhance learning opportunities. The Jamworks app offers students the ability to tailor their user experience to suit their learning needs via the accessibility profiles available. Here are the various options available:

  • The Cognitive Disability Profile assists with reading and makes visuals clearer to identify and process.
  • The ADHD Friendly Profile reduces distractions and prioritises focus levels on the relevant information by darkening the student’s screen and leaving a strip of brightened screen for navigation. 
  • The Keyboard Navigation Profile provides motor impaired students with the ability to navigate the Jamworks app using selected keys and shortcuts on their keyboard. 
  • The Blind Users Profile optimises the website layout for screen reading compatibility.
  • The Vision Impaired Accessibility Profile enlarges text (with headings in bold), enhances saturation and size of images and other visuals.
  • The Seizure Safe Accessibility Profile reduces the colour intensity of visuals on screen and eliminates any flash features that could trigger a seizure for epileptic students.


Listen to content instead of reading constantly 

Beautiful,Asian,Woman,Using,Laptop,Computer.,She,Is,Lying,AtIf you’re a student who struggles with reading large portions of text and content or are simply wanting to take another approach to your studying, the Jamworks app can offer you the ability to listen to your lecture notes instead when revising exam material. You can do this by listening back to the automatic highlight clips taken during the recorded season and even listen to the full recording entirely if necessary. 


Assurance that you know your stuff 

female student writng notes while looking at laptop placed on tableThere is always that fear/intrusive thought in the back of our head doubting whether we really know everything as well as we think. Using the Jamworks app during exam season to engage in retrieval practice with the AI Flashcards and AI Summaries features can be the key to assuring yourself that you know your stuff and help you to walk into that exam room with confidence and determination to succeed. 


As you prepare for your upcoming exams make sure to learn how to study for exams with Jamworks to revise your lecture content. You will be surprised at the improvement it can make to how you study and will both save you time and make revision more accessible no matter where you are. 


Study for your exams with the Jamworks app this exam season – click here to get started with a Jamworks Pro subscription!

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