The best AI prompts for students – Make the most of JamAI

The introduction of AI study technology has improved the way that students can study and learn at university. AI prompts for students can help you understand complex topics, creative revision materials and ultimately achieve better grades.


JamAI is an AI chatbot feature integrated within the Jamworks app which students can use to aid their studies. You can learn how to use JamAI through a step-by-step process here. Once you are familiar with how to use JamAI, it can be beneficial to know useful prompts to ask JamAI to access your study material in different ways.


Useful AI Prompts for students to get the most out of JamAI 


Simplify this highlight for me

When you ask JamAI the prompt “simplify this highlight for me” you will need to select one or more highlights within the Ask JamAI tab for it to refer to. Using this prompt, AI will give you a summarised sentence of what the specific highlight clip is about, and will then break down the content into a more digestible form to help you understand the content more easily. 

AI prompts for students


This helps you to view the content you need to learn from another perspective as you now have access to the content explained in a way that is different from how it was taught originally. This is one of the AI prompts for students which breaks the content down into a format which is easier to visualise and remember with a photographic memory. 


Help me to structure a mind map of this content

The prompt “Help me to structure a mind map of this content” is a useful one to ask JamAI. While it may not yet be able to provide you with a constructed mindmap of the lecture content, it can help to provide you with an understanding of how the content can be broken down into various categories and how it connects together. 

If you are a student who enjoys studying from mind maps then this can save you time from having to work out the structuring yourself. Alternatively this prompt can be a great way to access the materials in a broken-down format to help you to understand the topic better.


Explain this content to me as a story

If you enjoy revising through auditory methods, the prompt “Explain this content to me as a story” is a great question to ask JamAI if you understand content more easily when it is structured in a format that you can listen to. While this format of content can be notably longer and more detailed, it can be a valuable way to consume content as though it is being explained to you by a friend or through methods that are more digestible for you. You can also use a screen reading tool to read this aloud to you to eliminate the need for reading the content entirely. 



Explain this content to me as though I am a child

If you’re looking for a way to access content which is a mixture of the result of the story and simplifying methods, then “explain this content to me as though I am a child” is a great prompt to ask JamAI. The results for this prompt explain the content in a format that eliminates complicated words that may distract you from gaining understanding of what you’re focusing on, while also structuring the answer in a more digestible format. This prompt can help you  to understand the topic better.


Explain this content to me in rhyme form 

Many students find rhythm and sound to be a beneficial way to remember content for exams and help understand the topic better. If this is the case for you then I recommend trying out the “explain this content to me in rhyme form” prompt with JamAI. You can use this to help your study process as the JamAI chatbot will construct a rhyme/song of either specific highlight content or the entire recorded session for you to recite, sing and become familiar with and understand. It is known that particular tunes and rhythms associated with content can help students to remember information more easily so try this one out and see how effective it is for you!


What are the 5 key points from this highlight? 

It can often be hard to analyse the key points from a section of lecture content, so the JamAI prompt “What are the 5 key points from this highlight?” is a useful one to remember to access this automatically. Having the key points from a highlight clip can help you to understand the content better as a whole due to it being broken down for you and explained in an alternative format. This prompt is useful as you can re-read/write these key points out repeatedly until the information is absorbed for learning.




What are the 3 main things to remember from this recording?

By the time it gets to the end of a semester, the lectures you had in earlier weeks can seem like a lifetime ago. If you need to refresh your memory of the content covered in a previous class, the prompt “What are the 3 main things to remember from this recording?” is one of the great AI prompts for students to ask JamAI as you can access the information you need to remember in a quick and simplified method. This can help to trigger further memory of the content when you previously studied it in more depth and also makes sure that you are covering the most crucial aspects of the lecture that need to be remembered.




What is the most important thing to take away from this lecture in one sentence?

Following on from the previous prompt, if you have a significant number of sessions that you need to revise in a short space of time, sometimes focusing on the most important factor to remember can be the best option in eliminating irrelevant information to maximise learning potential. If this is the case, try using the prompt “What is the most important thing to take away from this lecture in one sentence?” with JamAI to grasp the main understanding of the lecture. This provides students with a short-but-sweet way to remember what’s most important without being overloaded with information and is suitable for any learner type who is trying to revise in a short space of time.



The integration of AI in education has the potential to improve the way that students study and understand their learning content to achieve better grades. Using these AI prompts for students with JamAI enables students to be presented with information in different ways that are relevant to the learning situation a student is in.


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