Study Accommodations for Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a condition which affects a person’s understanding of sound structure in language, verbal memory and processing speed. Dyslexic students can face a number of challenges in classes in relation to spelling, reading, language and literacy. It’s vital that study accommodations for dyslexia are made available to students with the condition in order to level the playing field and make education accessible to all. Here are some options of study accommodations for dyslexia to consider which you can implement in classes to help dyslexic students improve their learning ability.

Jamworks app

Jamworks is assistive technology software which works with AI to generate a wide range of study features that makes learning more accessible to disabled students. Dyslexic students can use the Jamworks app to enhance their learning experience and achieve better grades due to the accessibility profiles and AI features that are designed to support the individual learning needs of students. Let’s have a look at how each AI feature works as a form of accommodations for dyslexia in education.

AI Flashcards/Revision Quizzes

Jamworks AI Flashcards/revision quizzes feature supports the learning of dyslexic students as it eliminates the process of writing out notes by hand. Writing and reading are challenging areas for dyslexic students so the Jamworks app can be used as accommodations for dyslexia by producing automatically generated flashcards containing information taken directly from a student’s lesson. The flashcards can be customised via the accessibility adjustment tool to improve readability and users can watch the highlight clip from which the flashcard information was created to obtain further details.

Automatic Highlights

Writing notes is an aspect of studying which can be challenging for dyslexic students due to how dyslexia affects a student’s ability to read and write. The Jamworks automatic highlights feature is another way that the app works as accommodations for dyslexia as once a student has started a session they can sit back and let the Jamworks app automatically capture all relevant information taught during the class and structure it into individual highlight clips.

AI Summaries

Dyslexic students can benefit from Jamworks’ AI summarisation as it replaces the need for reading through text and writing notes. Additionally, notes in summary form are an easier way for dyslexic students to process information as it is broken down into shorter, more efficient sentences to read and revise.

Key Points

Dyslexic students can benefit from the Key Points feature of the Jamworks app as it provides them with a structured breakdown of relevant information from their lecture in written notes form. Jamworks’ Key Points consist of a heading, followed by explanation and further bullet points linking to the headlined point. This format can be easier for dyslexic students to read and interpret information as opposed to lengthy paragraphs of text.

AI Transcript

The Jamworks AI Transcript is a particularly beneficial form of accommodations for dyslexia as it provides dyslexic students with written notes and information taken directly from their lesson. This feature eliminates the need for dyslexic students to type out notes by hand as they can copy and paste relevant sections of the AI Transcript into notes and other revision forms. Additionally, this automatically generated transcript assures dyslexic students that their notes are grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes, which are common setbacks for dyslexic students.


Accessibility Profiles

Dyslexic students can benefit from the Jamworks Cognitive Disability Profile as this profile assists with reading and makes visuals clearer to identify and process. When the Jamworks Cognitive Disability Profile is activated via the Accessibility Adjustments window, text and features of the app/website will be enlarged and easier to identify due to the coloured boxes outlining buttons, links, headings and images. This accessibility profile will enable dyslexic students to maintain focus for longer periods and engage with the essential information for their revision with less distraction and difficulty from reading and interpreting text.

Jamworks AI Tutor

JamAI is an AI chatbot and tutor which is readily available within the Jamworks app for students to connect with 24/7 alongside their learning. JamAI can present information to dyslexic students in different ways to make the content more understandable and digestible than how the content has been taught during the class. JamAI can improve students’ understanding of lecture content which will lead to better grades as a result. JamAI works as a method of accommodations for dyslexia in education as the AI tutor can provide meaning to words, correct spellings, improved grammar suggestions and can construct paragraphs of text for students to add to their notes.

Additional forms of accommodations for dyslexia in education beyond assistive technology

In addition to assistive technology such as Jamworks, there are a number of other accommodations for dyslexia which can be offered to dyslexic students in education.

Using Dyslexic Friendly Fonts

Sans-Serif fonts are a typeface which are easier for dyslexic people to read and less likely to be affected by. Accommodations for dyslexia which education providers can implement into their teaching and practice is using dyslexic friendly fonts such as sans-serif fonts when creating and presenting learning materials such as slides and handouts. This will give dyslexic students a more fair opportunity to engage with the content undisrupted by their disability.

accommodations for dyslexia orCam readEquipment as accommodations for dyslexia

There are forms of equipment which have been created to specifically accommodate dyslexic students in education and enhance their learning experiences. Examples include:

  • OrCam/C-Pen devices – Portable, artificial vision devices that allow visually impaired people to understand text and identify objects through audio feedback.
  • Coloured Laptop/Notebook overlays – improves readability and focus levels.
  • Dyslexie Keyboard – Uses Dyslexie font and includes colour-coded vowels, consonants and numbers.
  • reMarkable – electronic notepad/tablet which reduces distraction levels and allows for written notes to be stored electronically.

You can invest in these as accommodations for dyslexia in your workplace, or students at university with a dyslexia diagnosis could access these accommodations for dyslexia through the DSA programme.

The Jamworks DSA Community – a space for dyslexic student support at university

Dyslexic students at university in the UK are eligible to apply for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA), which is a non-repayable grant issued by the government to disabled and neurodivergent students whose learning is impacted by their condition. DSA offers dyslexic students free accommodations for dyslexia such as Jamworks and the other accommodations mentioned above based on an individual needs assessment. The Jamworks DSA Community is a group for students who are applying for DSA to access support with their application and works as accommodations for dyslexia in itself as it is freely available support to access available learning resources. Students can join the Jamworks DSA Community here which is hosted on Discord.

By implementing accommodations for dyslexia into your education practice and environment you will level the playing field and provide dyslexic students with the same learning opportunities as non-disabled students. Students can sign up for a Jamworks Pro subscription, and education providers can also work with Jamworks to provide it campus wide.

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