The benefits of Jamworks AI Flashcards for disabled and neurodivergent students

Disabled and neurodivergent students can get Jamworks Pro for the duration of their studies, completely free through the DSA (Disabled Students’ Allowance) scheme. Jamworks Pro automatically generates interactive AI flashcards from every lesson, which helps with learning and revision. 

Here are some of the specific benefits of AI flashcards for different disabled and neurodivergent students:


Dyslexic students can find the Jamworks AI flashcard feature beneficial as it eliminates the process of writing out notes by hand. Writing and reading are challenging areas for dyslexic students so the Jamworks app can support their learning by producing automatically generated flashcards containing information taken directly from a student’s lectures. The flashcards can be customised via the accessibility adjustment tool to improve readability and users can watch the highlight clip from which the flashcard information was created to obtain further details.



Jamworks’ AI flashcards provide an accessible form of revision for students with ADHD. Every flashcard contains straightforward, simplified and to-the-point information that directly relates to their lecture content. Students with ADHD can use AI flashcards to refresh their memory of the lecture content if they experienced levels of inattentiveness. AI flashcards can also help to maintain a student’s focus on the key aspects of information, preventing distraction. Having a notes system which is effective and automatic can help to alleviate the levels of stress and organisation struggles which many students with ADHD can struggle with.


Motor impairment

Jamworks’ AI flashcards reduce the time taken to develop effective notes for revision. This can support the studying experience for students with motor impairment disabilities as they can prioritise engagement to the learning and absorption of information as opposed to the addition of creating revision materials manually. 



Students dealing with depression often have a limited energy supply and struggle to focus on tasks and projects due to intense experiences of emotions and other symptoms. The Jamworks AI flashcard feature eliminates a large part of the note-taking process, which can help students dealing with depression to engage in revision for shorter periods of time when their mental health is at a more manageable level.



Students dealing with anxiety can utilise the Jamworks AI flashcard feature to reduce stress levels at university. This is due to the simplification of note taking and revision through flashcards being automatically generated for students. Students with anxiety can feel confident in knowing they are not missing out on any important information within their notes due to AI detecting the key points and topics from a session and transforming that content into an easily accessible and engaging flashcard revision method.



The Jamworks AI flashcard feature provides autistic students with the ability to process information at a more accessible rate. As many autistic students benefit from structured learning, using the Jamworks app during each lecture can provide them with flashcards containing relevant information for revision in a repetitive format which they are familiar with.


Deaf/hard hearing

Deaf or hard of hearing students can benefit from Jamworks’ AI flashcards as they do not need to read through an entire lecture recording transcript to identify key points and information from a lecture. The AI flashcards will be generated with the relevant information for them to revise with as a visual aid.



Dyspraxic students can struggle to produce physical notes due to their disability impairing their writing ability. The Jamworks AI flashcard feature aids dyspraxic students by providing them with automated flashcards containing essential information from their lectures to revise with, eliminating the need for writing notes by hand and reducing stress levels as a result.


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