The benefits of Jamworks Automatic Highlighting (hands-free) for disabled and neurodivergent students

Automatic Highlighting is a hands-free feature of the Jamworks app which is available to disabled and neurodivergent students through the DSA (Disabled Students’ Allowance) programme. Here are some ways in which this feature benefits a variety of different conditions:


Writing notes is an aspect of studying which can be challenging for dyslexic students due to how dyslexia affects a student’s ability to read and write. The Jamworks automatic highlighting feature is a great solution to this problem as once a student has started a session they can sit back and let the Jamworks app automatically capture all relevant information taught during the lecture and structure it into individual highlight clips.



The Jamworks automatic highlighting feature gives students with ADHD the opportunity to engage exclusively with the lecture content they are attending as opposed to splitting their focus between note taking and listening. Additionally this feature helps to reduce stress levels for students with ADHD as they don’t need to fear missing out on any content due to inattentiveness symptoms as the Jamworks app is automatically highlighting all important details.


Motor impairment

Motor impaired students can face many obstacles when it comes to note taking and studying which is why the Jamworks automatic highlighting feature is a great tool for them to use at university. Highlight clips are automatically generated during lectures by AI to assist motor impaired students to access key points and details from lectures in both audio and transcribed form. Having notes in one place digitally eliminates the need for folders and notebooks, so that students have less to manage physically.



Students dealing with depression can be supported academically by the Jamworks automatic highlighting feature as it is a note taking method which requires virtually no additional engagement or control. Approaching the mindset of study and revision whilst struggling mentally can be a challenge, so this feature is a beneficial way for students dealing with depression to keep up with their course content without pushing themselves beyond their capabilities.



The Jamworks automatic highlighting feature enables students dealing with anxiety to relax and stay focused on engaging with the lecture content as their notes are being captured for them by AI. Students dealing with anxiety often struggle with attending lectures, so the automatic highlighting feature is a great way for students to keep up with their note taking even via online lectures.



Many autistic students struggle to engage and produceeffective written notes due to problems associated with staying focussed in stimulating environments. The Jamworks automatic highlighting feature gives autistic students the ability to have the best of both worlds through providing them with informative and easily accessible notes while being able to focus on simply being present in the learning environment.


Deaf/hard hearing

The Jamworks automatic highlighting feature removes a number of limitations which deaf or hard of hearing students often experience whilst studying at university. Examples of this include providing Deaf or hard of hearing students with fully transcribed informative notes automated from audio detection without the need for translation or hearing aids. These notes are constructed hands-free via the Jamworks automatic highlighting feature and can be listened back to if preferred at a speed and volume suitable for the student’s individual needs.


Dyspraxic students can be limited in the range of notes they produce in lectures due to their disability which is why they can benefit from the Jamworks automatic highlighting feature. This provides dyspraxic students with the function to expand their revision content to include detailed notes which are both transcribed and available to listen back to in auditory form without having to lift a finger.

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