How to cope with online exams


Given the circumstances of the last few years, lots of universities have resulted to online exams. Of course, during lockdown it was impossible for all students to be at their university campus in order to complete exams, so they were converted to online exams and lots of universities have stuck with this. Some online exams […]

How to de-stress before exams 


  The exam period during university can become extremely stressful when you are trying to juggle all your deadlines and revise. Everybody has their own different situations which can sometimes make it harder. If your friends are less stressed and are happy to go out for drinks or socialise it can be difficult if you […]

How to make the most of independent study and coursework


So, we’re right in the middle of independent study! You will either have coursework due soon or some upcoming exams so the next few weeks will be super important. A lot of students can sometimes find it hard to balance coursework deadlines with exam revision. Create a schedule If you are looking to arrange your […]

Memory boosting techniques for exams


When it comes to exams, the main thing to work on is remembering all the information you have been taught over the past year. This can be extremely hard considering the amount of content you have gone through! Exam season can be a tough time, so finding techniques to help you with your revision process […]

How to prepare for offer holder open days


So, it’s around 6 months before you start your new university course! If you have applied to a few different universities and been offered a place, you will have to confirm your firm and insurance choices. When you have made these choices, you will most likely get invited to an offer holder open day. This […]

Which university accommodation is right for you?


Finding accommodation at university can be a little overwhelming at first and you might not know all  of your options. So I have put together a few tips to help you get started! Types of accommodation: There are different types of accommodation you can live in when you arrive at university. Different types are more […]

How to ace your graduate job interview


If you are coming to the end of your university degree and the next step is finding a job then you are in the right place! The application process for a graduate job can be quite stressful at times… believe me I know. If you manage to make it far enough and get to the […]

What should university students be doing in semester 3?


So, we are coming up to the last semester of the year! Whether you’re in 1st, 2ndor 3rd year (or any other year) there will be lots of things going on, never mind the stress of exams and deadlines. Therefore, it can sometimes be hard to keep up and stay on top of everything. I […]

How to write a personal statement for university (undergrad and postgrad)


What is a personal statement? A personal statement is something that you need to include in your application for your undergrad degree, and the majority of postgrad degrees. It is around 300 – 400 words long (you will be given a limited number of characters) and you need to include a certain amount of information […]

How different types of learners use a range of study methods

By the time you get to university, studying feels like something us students having been doing our whole lives, yet it seems everyone approaches it quite differently. The reasoning behind this is that there are four main learning styles which people can suit, based on how their brain processes information. So what are these different […]