Finding your preferred study method when starting university


The jump from studying at school to studying at university or as an apprentice can be huge. Different things are expected of you so you need to learn how you best revise. This might be very different to the methods your friends might be using! So if something works for them and not for you […]

Kitchen Tips for Freshers


Starting university and realising that you have total control over the food you buy and the meals you make can be exciting, but also scary. Especially when you potentially will be sharing a kitchen will other students who you have never met before. You may have heard a few horror stories about student kitchens, but […]

University freshers’ myths


When you first start university there will be lots of university myths and rumors floating about and the majority of them will not be true! Some will be easy to recognise but others not so much so watch out for what is true and what isn’t! Most of them occur from living in halls. You […]

What support is available at university?


Starting university can be a duanting process but knowing that you have lots of support available can be a huge relief. University can support you in lots of ways not just accademically. Support can come in different forms including in person one to one sessions, group sessions and online sessions. In fact, if you have […]

Getting ready for university halls


It is that time of the year when university students are getting ready to pack all their belongings and head off to university. The majority of first years usually end up in student halls, some will be owned by private or owned by the university. To save all your worries, carry on reading to find […]

How to make the most of living at home during university


So you’ve just got your results and you have successfully gained your place at university! Despite all the celebrations and enjoyment, you start getting a little worried because you know you are going to be living at home during university whilst lots of other students are moving out of home and living together. Definitely do […]

University Checklist


It’s Results Day! For those of you receiving your results today, a big well done for all your accomplishments! If your next step is university then there may be lots of new things jumping into your head. You may be thinking about packing and about your new room mates. It can become a little stressful […]

All things Clearing: How does it work


Clearing is a great way to make it to university if your exams didn’t exactly go the way you wanted, or if you did better than what you expected then you can change your course. It means that what you originally chose is not set in stone. What is clearing? Clearing is where universities offer […]

University Alumni perks

After graduation, it can be quite daunting having to move on from student life and fend for yourself. If you are struggling to find the perfect job for yourself or you are still deciding which masters course you want to take, then you can still reach out to your university for help with this. Now […]

What I would do differently during my time at university


Having almost finished another year at university, I wanted to talk about all of the things that I wish I had done differently so you can avoid the same mistakes I made! Being the first sibling in my family to attend university, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Not only do […]