How to Help Someone with Anxiety

two people holding hands to help with anxiety

Learning how to help someone with anxiety can make all the difference. Support from family, friends, coursemates, or colleagues can bring a sense of ease to someone with anxiety. Yet, it can be hard to know what to say or do to help with their condition. The type and amount of help you can give […]

5 Strategies for Taking Better Notes for Students with ADHD

female student with adhd sat at desk with laptop and notebook

Students with ADHD often deal with a mix of attentional, organisational, and focus-related difficulties. This can make note taking during lectures pretty challenging. However, the right note taking strategies can encourage active listening and engagement in lectures. This can help students to understand and capture the most important information from classes. In this blog, we’ll […]

Best Student Bank Accounts for studying in the UK

When students start studying at university, they are eligible to apply for a student bank account. But what is a student bank account, and why would one need to open a separate account from their current account? Today we will look at the answers to these questions, as well as determine the best bank account […]

Why Jamworks is students’ favourite Technology Enhanced Learning tool


Technology Enhanced Learning is an approach to study at university that is becoming more utilised year after year. There are a number of reasons for this, with the main points being that technology enhanced learning provides many opportunities and additional benefits to students to achieve an improved learningexperience. In my first year of university, I […]

Why a Jamworks Pro account is an investment you need to make as a student

Student life is expensive, there’s no denying it, but what exactly are we choosing to spend our money on, and could we be opting for better investments? When we think about what students spend their money on, the typical things such as rent, tuition, bills, food and transport come to mind. These are then usually […]

Studying abroad in Europe vs studying in the US


If you are lucky enough to get the option to study abroad for a year during your degree – go for it! If this is something you know you want to do then make sure you apply to a university that offers this as part of the course. When it comes to deciding your location, […]

AI in Education: a game changer for accessibility

robot and human hand reaching out to highlight ai in education

The use of AI in education presents new opportunities for learning, teaching, and accessibility. However, the recent release of ChatGPT – the AI chatbot that produces human-like text – has sparked discussion and concern among educators. How can educators ensure students are learning if they use AI writing tools to complete assessments? This emerging technology […]

Assistive Technology for Dyslexia: the Jamworks Note Taking Method

table filled with open notebooks, laptop and sticky notes as student with dyslexia takes notes

Assistive technology for dyslexia is important for promoting and supporting effective learning. Students with dyslexia are highly motivated and full of potential despite facing a unique set of learning challenges. In particular, note taking during lectures can be a significant barrier to effective learning for students with dyslexia. However, the right accommodations and assistive technology […]

The Complete Self-Learning Guide

self-learner using ipad, book and notebook on desk for self-learning

For students, graduates, professionals, and life-long learners, self-learning is an incredibly valuable skill. Have you ever heard of self-taught designers, marketers, developers or data scientists? Or, you might have stumbled across the study web where students use self-learning to reach their academic goals. Following the shift to remote education during the lockdown, self-learning is becoming […]