What is a first-generation college student?

two femals sitting outside on a large staircase with laptop

Understanding what a first-generation college student is can be highly valuable. If you identify as a first-generation college student, you can access key resources and opportunities to overcome barriers to higher education.  Despite being a simple term, the exact definition can vary, and many students might not realize their first-generation student status until later on. […]

How to study for exams with Jamworks – Boost knowledge & wellbeing in exam season

It’s almost exam season which means for us students stress levels are rising and we need all the study support we can get! Many university students benefit from using assistive technology software such as Jamworks during lectures to take notes and record study content. However, did you know that you can also use Jamworks during […]

How to study efficiently for exams in 2024 – Take advantage of AI

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“New year, new me” is a message we hear quite often when January rolls around. As a student, the academic year typically runs from September to May, so January can feel more like a mid-way point. If since September you’ve been on a steady path with your routines and revision, then this “new year,new me” […]

Best Apps for ADHD – Supporting Neurodivergent University Students


University life can be a challenge for students with ADHD. Some students may struggle with concentration, while others may have a hard time keeping organised. The good news is that there are plenty of apps that offer support, whether it’s helping students stay focused in class, revise better, or commit to a routine. In this […]

How I use Jamworks to unlock YouTube as a powerful study tool

jamworks unlocks youtube as a powerful study tool

As a kinaesthetic learner, I’m always looking for different ways to revise at university to keep my mind engaged and make learning feel like an enjoyable experience. I find that using a variety of apps and softwares which present me with various study methods (flashcards, videos, summaries etc.) helps me to avoid burnout, stay focused […]

Best AI Note Taking Apps for Higher Grades

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Finding the best tool to assist students isn’t easy. But now, with several AI note-taking apps on the market, students have access to additional support to improve their learning and understanding. In this blog, we’ll uncover some of the best AI note-taking apps to help students revise more effectively and achieve higher grades.   1. […]

The world’s best AI note taker for students

Jamworks is a powerful AI note taker that works directly with your lecture content for a personalised and accessible learning experience. Using the latest AI, Jamworks captures and transforms your lecture notes into interactive learning materials. Students can explore and revise their lecture content using bite-size summaries, interactive revision flashcards, and personalised AI tutor chatbots. […]

How to Help Someone with Anxiety

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Learning how to help someone with anxiety can make all the difference. Support from family, friends, coursemates, or colleagues can bring a sense of ease to someone with anxiety. Yet, it can be hard to know what to say or do to help with their condition. The type and amount of help you can give […]

5 Strategies for Taking Better Notes for Students with ADHD

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Students with ADHD often deal with a mix of attentional, organisational, and focus-related difficulties. This can make note taking during lectures pretty challenging. However, the right note taking strategies can encourage active listening and engagement in lectures. This can help students to understand and capture the most important information from classes. In this blog, we’ll […]