How to use the SQ3R study method for writing essays

girl sat at a desk reading a book with notes all around her on the desk

Getting into to groove of studying is not exactly easy! It can be hard to know what works for you. There are so many different types of ways to maximise your productivity and become more efficient when you are studying but it can also be overwhelming to think about. One of the most common methods […]

Lecture videos, notes & flashcards: How to revise at university

The way you revise at university is most likely going to be different than how you revised in school and at college. This is due to a number of reasons; first being that you may be studying a subject vastly different to what you revised for before. Secondly, the way in which university degrees are […]

How to study efficiently: find more time for xmas activities

student studying next to the christmas tree

It’s coming up to the holiday season, but you also have deadline and exam stress… One of the most important things you can do is learn how to get your studies under control. Learn how to study efficiently to increase your productivity. Give yourself some extra time for xmas activities! Benefits from learning how to […]

How to Take Smart Notes: Note Taking Techniques for Success

open notebook and textbook on table with person taking smart notes

Great thinkers, learners, and writers know how to take smart notes. This is a powerful and advanced note-taking technique for gathering and organising information. As a student, smart notes can help you to remember what you’ve learnt and turn that knowledge into something useful. This note-taking technique allows you to synthesise information effectively and develop […]

5 evening study habits to start at university

student lying in bed surrounded by notes and laptop

During exam periods studying can become very overwhelming. This means it is important to look after yourself and get your mindset in a good space. A great way to do this is to create a set of evening study habits that you adhere to! The evening is your spare time where you can decide what […]

Revision Flashcards: The Ultimate Study Hack

person holding revision flashcards

Revision flashcards are a quick and easy way to test yourself and boost your grades. You can learn, revise, and memorise a range of facts, keywords, formulas, and small summaries of information using flashcards. This popular revision method is a highly effective way to organise your study material and allows you to study in short, […]

The best apps for taking notes in university

With many aspects of university converting to digital form (such as online lectures and meetings), it seems only fitting that we adapt our note taking as well. There are many apps available on the market which aim to assist students in capturing their lecture content digitally, but how do we know which to choose from? […]

How to study with friends or in groups at uni

Four friendly students sitting in white classroom reading together

Learn how to study with friends in a group to increase your productivity and ace all of your deadlines and exams! Group work is a great study tool that lots of students automatically believe will not work. But if you plan and do it right, it can be extremely successful. Benefits of studying with friends: […]

Study Hack for the Feynman Technique

student taking notes while learning using the feynman technique

The Feynman Technique is a learning method that enhances your understanding of complex learning material. Understanding is the foundation to learning well, memorising effectively, and forming new connections between information. The idea behind this technique is that if you truly understand an abstract, complex topic well enough, you’ll be able to explain it in a […]

How to Revise Effectively: Productivity Boosting Study Methods for University Students

Female university student using a laptop, biting a pencil, struggling to revise effectively

Learning how to revise effectively can help you to boost your grades, improve your work-life balance and simply, stay sane and healthy as a university student. Juggling lectures, deadlines, and revision while trying to maintain your social life, wellbeing, and work is no easy task. However, getting ahead in your revision can reduce stress and […]