5 ways to beat the January study rut

Tired female student trying to studyy In The Night At Home

If you are heading toward a January study rut, don’t be alarmed! This happens to the best of us and it is probably best this happens now rather than nearer your deadlines. There are a few different ways you can try to get out of your rut. Get into a good routine that is manageable […]

Study Skills for Mature Students Returning to Education

mature student taking notes at desk with open laptop

For mature students, returning to education and learning new study skills can feel both exciting and overwhelming. In the UK, mature students made up 37% of undergraduate and 50% of postgraduate admissions during 2019-20. Since then, the population of mature students has continued to increase. Being a mature student poses unique challenges such as juggling […]

Exercising before study: The benefits


There have been many studies that speak about how important exercising before study can be. Regular physical exercises, such as jogging or cycling, may do wonders for your brain, especially before studying for multiple reasons. It is thought that your body and brain can be energised and ready to study just from 2 minutes of […]

University Study Skills: How to take the step up from college or sixth form

female student in library with books open on desk implementing university study skills

It takes time to start developing those all-important university study skills. But, where do you start? Many students find the transition to university hard to navigate because they don’t know what to expect. You can successfully take the step up from college or sixth form by understanding the essential study skills you need. Whether you’re […]

Best note taking app for students who often lose concentration

The new way of taking notes: best note taking app for students who often lose concentration

Jamworks is a note taking app that is specifically designed to help students who struggle with concentration and focus. Whether you’re a student with ADHD, a learning disability, or simply someone who has trouble staying focused, Jamworks can help you take more effective notes and retain more of the information you learn. One of the […]

5 tips for setting effective study goals

Student attempting to achieve their study goals

Setting effective study goals is an important part of achieving success at uni. By setting clear, achievable goals and establishing a plan to work towards them, you can stay motivated and on track to reach your academic or professional objectives. Here are five tips for setting effective study goals: Make your goals specific and measurable. […]

How to be a pro at colour-coded notes

close up of notes with colour-coded notes attached

If you want to ‘jazz up’ your study notes and find a new way of studying then try jumping on the colour-coded notes hype! Colour-coded notes are a great way to make your studies more fun and engaging whilst still getting everything done that needs to be revised. This method is great if you are […]

Could Focus Reading make it easier for you to read text? (Bionic Reading alternative)

female university student sitting on bed with laptop and notebook using bionic reading

Focus Reading is a new Jamworks feature that can help you to remain focused when reading text. Reading is an essential skill for all university students. Assignments and exams require you to not only read texts but also to understand, analyse and interpret them. From textbooks and research articles to lecture materials and notes, there’s […]

How to Take Notes Effectively in Lectures and Seminars

How to take notes with Jamworks

Understanding how to take notes is an essential skill for all university students. However, it’s likely you were never taught how to take notes effectively during lectures and seminars. For most students, note-taking is used to capture lecture content word for word. Or, students rely on lengthy lecture recordings to watch the content back and […]

How to use the SQ3R study method for writing essays

girl sat at a desk reading a book with notes all around her on the desk

Getting into to groove of studying is not exactly easy! It can be hard to know what works for you. There are so many different types of ways to maximise your productivity and become more efficient when you are studying but it can also be overwhelming to think about. One of the most common methods […]