Finding your preferred study method when starting university

The jump from studying at school to studying at university or as an apprentice can be huge. Different things are expected of you so you need to learn how you best revise. This might be very different to the methods your friends might be using! So if something works for them and not for you then don’t worry, you can try something a different way. You may find out you are a visual learner, or you might find writing everything done helps you retain information better.

There are many different study methods you can use so see which methods you want to try and see how you get on:


Rewatching lectures

Rewatching lectures is a great way to repeat any information you need to go over or the information you didn’t understand. For a lot of students, it is usually the case that they lose focus when listening to a lecture for the first time and therefore miss out on important information.

Therefore, a great tool to help with this is Jamworks. Where you can track back and rewatch the important information you missed out on first time around.

Not only can you rewatch lectures, but you can use the Jamworks tool to only record the important parts, or even skip back if you forgot to record something that could have been important. This allows you to cut out any content that you already know, or that is less important to what you need to know. Allowing you to time save when you start to revise the content!

Memory recall

A favourite of mine is memory recall. This is where you have short sentences of information, and you have to remember them. The method most people use is flash cards. To help with this process, Jamworks have a new feature which automatically turns your lectures into flashcards for you. Where you are provided with a question and an answer. Again, this is a great tool if you are looking to save your time. A lot of students spend hours and hours filling out flashcards and making them themselves that they don’t have any time to practise using them.

Jamquiz works by using AI to create the flashcards. Firstly, you have to record your lecture. Or the important parts of it. It them gets summarised into bite-sized study notes. Jamworks then generates a question and an answer from each summary. The question will be linked to the section of the recording, therefore if you need help.

The Jamquiz method is great for testing your knowledge at different intervals throughout your study period so that you can revise throughout instead of leaving it all to the end. You can then get a better sense of the things you know and the things you need to go over. It may be a good idea to refresh your memory after each question by watching the related clip.

The benefits of this is that by Jamworks creating the questions, you can get started without feeling overwhelmed. The key topics will be picked up meaning you will be covering everything that is important.

Note taking

Alternatively, if flash cards and memory recall is not your thing. Then try note taking. If you write something down enough times it is thought that you can retain the information. A great way to do this efficiently is to look at your video recordings on Jamworks and make condensed notes from the transcripts.

Pick out the important bits and write them down in a way that you will be able to remember them.

Mind maps

Similar to notetaking, if you prefer to be more visual but flashcards aren’t your thing, then give mind maps a go. Just like notetaking, find the most important information and write it down on a mind map by adding colour.

A good tip is to write the topic in the middle of the page and firstly write down everything you can already remember about the topic. In a different colour, use your recordings and transcripts to add any information that you have forgot. You can use this to see which parts you need to go over if you don’t understand any of it.

Group study

Group study can be fun but effective way to study. If you are with the right people then this method will work great. The important thing is to make sure everyone has the same mindset, and no one is there to distract others.

With group study you can chat about the topic and bounce ideas off each other. If someone is stuck on a certain topic then the others in the group can explain it, possibly in a better way than your tutor can using terms that are easier to understand.

Teaching someone bits of a topic is a great way to consolidate your own learning which is why group study can be so effective.

Private study

If group study sounds like your worst nightmare, then try one to one private study with a tutor. This may be your university tutor, or an external tutor. Your university tutor will be more than happy to arrange a meeting if you are struggling with particular subjects so make sure you do make use of them if you are struggling.

Final Thoughts

Finding your preferred study method can be tricky at first but if you try out different ways then you will most definitely find what works best for you. It might be that you want to use a range of different methods so you can consolidate your knowledge in different ways. Or it might be that you want to stick to one and follow the same structure. Speak to your friends and family and see if they have any alternative methods that they found really helpful when they had to study. You never know what tips and tricks you might get to know!

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