How different types of learners use a range of study methods

By the time you get to university, studying feels like something us students having been doing our whole lives, yet it seems everyone approaches it quite differently. The reasoning behind this is that there are four main types of learners which people can suit, based on how their brain processes information. So what are these types of learner styles and which study methods are best suited to each?

Visual Learner

revision with pens and paper and an iphoneA visual learner is someone who gains understanding and absorbs information through visually seeing the content such as through reading or pictures. Study methods which are beneficial to visual types of learners include reading through notes and books, watching lecture content and informative videos, looking at diagrams and mind maps/flashcards and using colour coding. There seems to be many successful options available to visual learners to succeed in studying, however a lot of time is wasted in writing up notes, sitting through hours of recorded lectures, and designing flash cards and mind maps as this is time that the student is not absorbing information. This is where Jamworks can be a great tool for a visual learner as it enables the student to clip the parts of the visual recording from their lecturer that need to be studied, so they can re-watch these specific clips over and over without the excess. Jamworks can also transcribe the notes into written form, so the learner can study from these visuals without wasting time typing them up!


An auditory learner is educated through hearing and listening to content, so study methods which best suit them include listening to recordings of notes and lectures and reading aloud. This type of learner style is one which the Jamworks app seems to be made for! All of the student’s lecture content can be recorded and clipped into various playlists for them to listen to on repeat until the information has been absorbed. Auditory learners can also record themselves reading aloud notes which they may have taken down, to listen back to themselves.

jamworks desktop app on a laptop



reading a bookReading and writing types of learners are people who take in information through these processes. Study methods which they benefit from include taking notes through both writing and typing, making mind maps and flash cards, reading through books and notes, and rewriting notes over and over until the information has been retained. The Jamworks app is a great place to capture content to use for writing up notes at a later date, and also has a function which allows you to upload your written notes to keep everything in one place! It can be difficult to write up notes while a lecturer is presenting slides – we’ve all been there; you’ve only just jotted down the second sentence from the slide and they’re skipping onto the next! Use Jamworks to clip the slides that you want to write notes from, clip what your lecturer is saying that sounds useful and important. And then when you’re in the library or at home, whip out the app and get annotating! Save yourself the time of sifting through three hours of a recording to realise the lecturer’s mic was muffled all along. You could have a mind map drawn up by then!




jamworks appIt’s a similar approach for kinaesthetic types of learners, they learn through using senses such as touch and engaging in movement and action. Kinaesthetic learners can use Jamworks with their various study methods such as recording a session and then listening back to it while on a walk, or recording themselves while having a discussion around ideas and topics, to help capture important moments without distraction or breaking the thought process. When we think about all these ways in which students process information differently, its understandable why study can be approached through such a vary of methods. It’s great to know that no matter what kind of learner you are, or what methods of study you enjoy, the Jamworks app can be adaptable to suit everyone.

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