How to manage the stress of what comes after university

There is most certainly stress of what comes after university. For those in final year this stress will grow bigger and bigger the closer it comes to the end of your last term. Your last term can be scary, but do not worry! There are multiple ways you can manage this stress if you know what you need to consider.

Job hunting

Thinking about job hunting can be very overwhelming at first. Thoughts of it being a continuous cycle of finding a job and being rejected is what usually comes to a student’s mind. Especially with having to think about end of term exams, sometimes there is very little room to think about your plans after these exams are completed. To try and combat the stress, take an hour each week to start job hunting and think about what you are looking for.

There are a number of things that should come into consideration when you are looking for a job including: the location, the salary and the job description being the main three.

Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  • Send your CV out to companies with a cover letter, try and address it to a person who either works in recruitment or is someone high up who makes the decisions. This way your letter is more direct.
  • Don’t wait for a job to become available online before contacting a company, message them anyway.
  • Use your contacts, some companies offer their employees a bonus if they are able to recruit someone and that someone might be you!
  • Sign up to job search websites and input your details, this way you can receive emails of jobs tailored to what you are looking for.
  • Reach out to start-up companies.
  • Start searching early.

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One of the biggest causes of stress of what comes after university is your expectations. Some of your friends might find it much easier to nail a grad scheme or maybe they’ve already been offered a job from the company they did their placement at.

The majority of people will be applying to around 20 – 50 job roles, they may only get around 5 interviews and eventually they will be offered a role. This may seem like a lot but the job market is so competitive for university students that this is reality.

So make sure to remind yourself that people are not just walking out of university and straight into a job! These things take time.

Try and stop on top of it all and don’t give up.

Comparing yourself to others

As mentioned earlier, try not to compare yourself to others! This will only increase your stress. Everybody is looking for different things and therefore some things will be easier to find than others.

Take your time

Rushing your applications will not help the process. Jobs are available all year round. If it just so happens you have a few months off after university before starting a job, this is not the worst thing in the world! It may seem it at the time when it feels like everyone else around you has secured a job but those few months might be the best thing for you to get a rest.

Make sure to look after your friends if this is something that worries them: How to help someone with anxiety

Think about what you want

It is also important to consider if jumping straight into a job is something you want to do. There are lots of other options that some people don’t always thing about. Some graduates chose to go travelling or find a job abroad. Whereas some graduates like the idea of returning to university and starting a master’s degree.

So, make sure you consider all your options: Studying abroad vs studying in the UK

Matters to consider

There are a few things you will need to consider when choosing what you want to do after university. Start thinking about money and how you will budget it. As before, consider the location, are you wanting to do a masters degree at s different university, or would you like to get an accounting role in Australia?

Speak to your university for support

Your university will always be there to help you make your decision. If the stress of what comes after university is becoming a bit too overwhelming, then make sure you reach out to them!

They will be able to help you find jobs that are suited to you as well as being able to guide you through the process. They will offer you CV support and hep with the application process whether this involves interview, assessments centres or psychometric tests.

Stress of what comes after university: Final Thoughts

The stress of what comes after university is real! But it doesn’t need to be. Make sure you take your time to consider all your options. Don’t compare yourself to anybody or let the job-hunting process get the best of you. If this does happen, give yourself a break from it all and try again a week later.

Good Luck!

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