The benefits of Jamworks AI Summaries for disabled and neurodivergent students

Jamworks’ AI Summaries are a feature of the Jamworks app and a form of assistive study technology which is available to disabled and neurodivergent students through the DSA (Disabled Students’ Allowance) programme. Here are some ways in which this feature benefits a variety of different conditions:


Dyslexic students can benefit from Jamworks’ AI summarisation as it replaces the need for reading through text and writing notes. Additionally, notes in summary form are an easier way for dyslexic students to process information as it is broken down into shorter, more efficient sentences to read and revise.



The Jamworks AI Summaries feature is a supportive tool for students with ADHD because it makes revision more manageable when attention spans may be limited. Summaries help to give students a refresher of the topics and information discussed in a lecture, as well as educate them on the relevant information in shorter form.


Motor impairment

Motor impaired students can be supported in their learning with the Jamworks AI Summaries feature as it gives students written and summarised notes directly from their lectures without having to engage in any physical note taking practices. The feature provides students with notes quickly, allowing motor impaired students to preserve their energy and focus levels for other areas of revision and access quality notes which they may not otherwise have been able to construct manually.



The Jamworks AI Summaries feature can aid revision for students dealing with depression as it provides them with an informative overview of the topics covered in their class during that session. Many students dealing with depression struggle with low energy levels and reduced brain function, so summaries which are automatically generated can encourage students to engage in revision as it can take less time and require less engagement with this feature of the Jamworks app.



Students dealing with anxiety may experience intense levels of stress at university and this can make revision more challenging. The Jamworks AI Summaries feature can help to reduce these stress levels for students by ensuring they are provided with an accurate summarisation of what has been covered during the lecture, thus encouraging the student to relax more in class and be present in what is going on around them.



Often autistic students can experience difficulty analysing the subtle meanings behind aspects of information and details. The Jamworks AI Summaries feature aids their revision by automatically detecting the concepts of each highlight clip from a lecture, providing them with a more digestible piece of informative text to revise with.


Deaf/hard of hearing

Deaf/hard of hearing students can use the Jamworks AI Summaries feature as a way to access automatically transcribed notes and detailed information taken directly from their lectures. While transcripts are beneficial for Deaf/hard of hearing students, the AI Summaries feature goes one step further by structuring and breaking down that information which has been captured as a study method for quick access to notes.



The Jamworks AI Summaries feature can support dyspraxic students to revise more effectively,  as it is a note taking method which automatically generates useful revision materials for the student. This eliminates the need to engage with writing practices that are often challenging for dyspraxic students and levels the playing field by providing accessible and effective notes for an elevated learning experience.

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